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I know it has been a while since I last posted, and while there isn’t much excuse because I am working and do have the time, I have not been motivated much to sit down and write anything.

Not much has really happened the last few weeks. Savannah and Avery finished up soccer and Daniel and I coached Avery’s team this year. They really enjoyed playing. Savannah also finished up art lessons this year.

Savannah has had quite the exciting month. She finished up her first year of school, Kindergarten, on May 28. It was also her birthday. She turned 6. A few days later Savannah lost her first tooth. She had been so apprehensive about it that she let it hang on for dear life in her mouth for weeks. She finally let us tie a string to it and she threw her favorite stuffed animal off of our 2nd story entry and the tooth popped out. We had several attmepts on video that failed, but she jumped the gun on the try that successfully popped the tooth out and we have no video of that try. She is looking forward to starting school in the fall at Greenwood Christian Academy. She also saved money for a rabbit for her birthday and it will be arriving sometime in the next week or so. She is very excited about that. Eventually she would like to do a rabbit project for 4H along with pigs so we are getting a jump on learning the ropes.

We also got 4 piglets a few months back and are raising them for meat this year. The kids really enjoy going and feeding the pigs. We have 27 new chicks this year and are working on raising them up and look forward to a surge in our egg production. The kids enjoy going out and playing with the chicks (and our “old” girls).

Avery is just trucking along. She has another year before she starts school, but we are going to be starting speech therapy and a few other activities this fall with her and she will have quite the busy year.

Henry has decided to start potty training himself. He is slowly working on becoming fully trained (mostly because things are crazy right now and we have not had a few days to really devote to the task). He is very adventerous and gets into everything these days.

Charlotte is 7 months old now. Hard to believe how fast time is flying. No teeth and no motion at this time, but that is just fine with me!

Daniel has been unemployed since January, but has been actively seeking work. He had an interview yesterday and several others that are hopefully coming. We are praying that the right job will come along in His time. He and his dad have taken up blacksmithing in thier free time and have really enjoyed learning about and playing on the forge.

Not much is new with me. Mostly working and trying to spend as much time with the kids when I am off. I am still running and still love it!

WE had some family pictures done in April. Here is a snippet of them. Photo credit to A Natural Portrayal Photography.

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New Chicks on the Block

We brought home 11 new chicks last week as we are starting to replace our currently layers with a batch of new layers.


Our piglets should be arriving this week hopefully and I will be sure to post some pictures of them too.

We have all been good, other than a little bug we can’t seem to shake. Hoping to be past it all soon.

Savannah and Avery started soccer this last week. Daniel and I are coaching Avery’s team this year. Both girls are looking forward to playing.

Charlotte Katherine (or Charlie Bake as she is called around here) is now 5 months old and rolling over. She is beginning to sit on her own, although she is not very steady yet. Time is going by much too quickly. Slow down Bake! Here is her holding her bottle this morning:


Henry is… well still Henry. He makes us laugh.

Its been a month…

Daniel and I switched places at home a month ago. This last month has been trying, but has gone much smoother than I think we both anticipated. The kids are adjusting to Daniel being home. He is getting a good handle on what his daily schedule looks like and how to get things done. I am tired from being up all night with the baby and then getting myself up around 5 am for work, but hoping that sleep comes more readily this next month.

We took a step of faith yesterday and applied for her to attend Greenwood Christian Academy next year for first grade. We still have several steps left in the process, and we are not 100% sure that is the best decision for our family, but we went ahead and opened the door as an option. Savannah will shadow and have her assessment next week and we will go from there. We are happy with Clark Elementary and she has had a great year there, we just want to explore our options for next school year.

February is here and almost gone!

Not much has changed the last few weeks. Daniel is still looking for jobs and hasn’t heard back on any of the applications he has put out there, but we are hopeful. God will provide in His time. Until then, he keeps plugging away. He has been staying home with the kids while I am working 4 days a week. They aren’t going to want me back after all the fun things he lets them do- like turning the living room into a gymnastics gym, making valentines, and making a flower vase out of a bottle by lighting it on fire! The transition has been smooth and I credit that mostly to the fact that 1. Daniel is a fantastic Dad! and 2. he has been working from home for the last 4 years so they are used to having him there. He has been quite the rockstar taking over some of my daily duties like laundry and cleaning. I very much appreciate the help he has been.

I am pretty exhausted. Charlotte is still waking several times a night and that, coupled with 5-5:30 am wake times for work, has made sleeping in short supply. Praying that things start clicking soon and she starts sleeping through the night. Charlotte is now 3 months old and has just started to giggle. She may be cutting her first few teeth on the bottom (will know better in a few days). She has been pretty congested and has a cold which is also making sleeping more difficult. I am ready for it to start warming up and for all the germs to go away! I am tired of wiping all 4 kiddos runny noses!

This is my last week as a twenty-something. I will be 30 on Saturday (and looking forward to it!)! We were able to have dinner with family last night, and will celebrate with cake later this week. I picked quite a challenging one, but Daniel is going to try to make it for me!

Friday I was able to spend some time with Savannah at her Valentine’s day party at school. It was nice to see her in her school environment. Thankful she is feeling better as she was sent home from school last Monday and was not able to return to school until Thursday due to a fever and bronchitis. She still has a nasty little cough, but hopefully it will be gone soon.

Will you pray with us that the right job will come along for Daniel in His time? God is faithful to provide and we can rely on his promises to get us through this time!

Its a….

For our few followers I thought I would post, now that we have just about told everyone we needed to in person, that we are expecting another girl. Her first name is decided- Charlotte, but her middle name is still up for debate. We are now about 24 weeks along and the weeks are just flying by. Henry has moved out of the nursery and into his own room (and will be getting a permanent bed soon) and we will hopefully get his room painted soon. The playroom/ guest bedroom is slowly making progress, but it is not going fast enough for me. Everything that belongs in the playroom has overrun the nursery now. I still have plenty of time, but am falling more and more behind.

Savannah starts Kindergarten in less than a week. Nuts! The shopping has been done, the paperwork turned in, and we meet her teacher on Monday.

Update on the kiddos

This winter has been unusually rough on us in terms of sickness. We spent a lot of time inside the house passing our germs backĀ and forth. Avery has had multiple bouts with croup and Savannah has gotten the stomach bug. All the kids have had a runny nose for what seems like months. Henry has gotten croup and an ear infection. We have been germ free for a few weeks and have been enjoying getting out as the weather starts to warm up.

Avery celebrated her 2nd birthday in January. It is hard to believe how big she has gotten and how much things have changed in the last 2 years. I can’t even imagine our life without our spunky little blondie! She is learning new words daily and is really starting to communicate with us. She has her big sister to talk for her so she doesnt have much motivation to actually talk to us.

Savannah is getting ready to celebrate her 4th birthday. It is hard to believe that she changed our lives 4 years ago. She loves to play outside and with friends.

Henry is getting ready to celebrate 6 months. Hard to believe how fast time has flown since before the holidays. He is sitting up, rolling over, and loves to talk and laugh. He is going to be starting on a food adventure soon. He hates tummy time, unless his sisters are there entertaining him and loves to jump in his jumperoo.

Daniel and I are getting ready to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Time has flown by so fast!

And I am back. Four weeks ago when I was updating this post I got a call that sickness had once again struck our house hold. Daniel called me in the middle of my shift (I update the blog when I work, so now that it is less often I dont update it as much) to let me know that Savannah was laying on the floor writhing in pain. She ended up having an ear infection. That started a string of 2 weeks of sickeness that plauged us. Savannah ended up with another ear infection the day after she finished her first round of antibiotics. That same day Avery was diagnosed with pink eye. The next day Henry was diagnosed with pink eye and an ear infection. Avery was also diagnosed with an ear infection. Later that week Avery ended up not being able to walk and either fractured her fibula or she had toxic synovitis. We won’t know which one, but it was a long week to say the least.

The girls are both doing swim lessons right now. Avery loves to be in the pool and loves that she has her teacher all to herself. Savannah loves having others in her class as she is a little chatter box and loves to socialize. It drives her nuts that we stay home so much!

I think that is about it for now! I am sure I have missed a lot but my shift is about over.

Way Behind

I have gotten so far behind in updating the blog. We have been so busy working on the house and starting to prepare for Bubba’s arrival. Here are some of the things we have done, that I hope to update more in depth later.

We got our grass planted (thanks to Daniel’s dad) which was a huge undertaking. Dan’s mom watched the girls so I could help outside since it took 3 of us all day to get the grass in and a few hours on several other days to wrap up the project. The result- we now have grass! I will get pictures up later.

Since our biggest outside project was finally finished, we were able to move inside to get some painting done. We got the laundry room painted, shelves moved, and new cabinets hung. All we need to get is a laundry sink and some countertops put in and we are in business! I am so excited and it looks great!

We also painted the nursery the other day (pictures will hopefully come soon). This is the first time we are able to paint a nursery in our house so we took the opportunity to make it special for our little boy. Hard to believe that our due date is in 9 weeks. Time has been flying by so fast and there is still so much to be done.

We started a MOPS program today and Savannah has been ecstatic. We missed the last meeting due to a last minute appointment with the MFM specialist (to check to make sure a slight problem would not be an issue for the baby- thankfully it will not affect him at all). She was really upset that we had to miss MOPS last time. First thing she said to me today was- “The kids there played with me Mom!”. She does not have a lot of kids around her age and Avery is still in the parallel play stage so Savannah gets disappointed often that there is not someone to play with her on her level.

That is all I can think of for now.