So Busy

I have had such a hard time keeping up with keeping everyone updated. Life has been so crazy through the school year, that I feel like I haven’t had even a minute to sit and update my blog.

We have had lots of things happening, far too much to list everything, but I will try 🙂

Savannah turned 8 last week! 8! How did that happen. She just finished 2nd grade and has such an amazing personality. She currently wants to be a fashion designer and is into all things fashion. She is busy with art lessons and guitar lessons, and loves anything Pirates of the Caribbean right now. She finished the school year with straight A’s and completed all of her Bible verses for the year. We are so proud of how hard she worked in school. She learned to ride a bike this past spring.

Avery turned 6 in January. She completed kindergarten with Mrs. Weems and learned and grew so much. She now knows how to read and loves anything to do with school. She currently has the loosest tooth I have ever seen, and should be losing her first tooth in the next day or so. She has also done art lessons this year and has completed her speech therapy after 2 1/2 years. She will miss Andrea, but I can’t say I am sad that the biweekly/weekly appointments are over. Avery also learned to ride a bike this spring.

Henry turned 4 in November and has enjoyed being at home with Mommy and Charlotte all year. He loves playing outside and with his legos, as well as his Rescue Bots. He also loves to spend time with his best friends Drake and Draven. He keeps busy with weekly activities and is loving having his sisters home for the summer (we will see how long this lasts).

Charlotte turned 2 in November and just finished potty training a few weeks ago. While it is bittersweet to not have any kids in diapers anymore, I am also very excited by this! We had someone in diapers for just shy of 8 years. She is such a smart cookie. She loves to play with Henry and is very social. I love watching her hit milestones and pursue self discovery. Her joy is contagious!

We have also added 2 goats, 3 pigs, and a whole lot of chickens to our back yard this spring. We are trying to get our garden in, and I am keeping myself busy with refinishing lots of pieces of furniture and working on household projects. Now that school is finished and I am not running the girls to and from school, I am looking forward to relaxing and resting a little before things start to get a little busier this summer.

Daniel and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this spring. We took a 10 day cruise (thank you to Kevin and Nancy who kept the kids the whole time) leaving out of San Juan, PR, went to St. Thomas, St. Marteen, and Bermuda, and finished up at Cape Liberty, NJ. We cruised on Celebrity Summit with my parents and had the most amazing time.

As for summer plans, we don’t have many at this point. I am trying to take it easy this summer, but we will probably go camping once or twice and I will try to see my sisters if there is time. We have a few visitors coming to see us. This week also marks 5 years in our current house. Hard to believe that it has been that long since we went through the building process and since we got Molly. I am still working once a week on Saturdays and will try to get another update or two in soon.




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