Wow…. this summer has flown by

I didn’t realize it had been over 9 months since I last updated the blog. Things have gotten very busy, but are starting to settle down. I only have a few minutes here before I get off to update, but I figure something is better than nothing.

Savannah, 7, just started 2nd grade. She is very excited about starting to learn how to play the guitar this school year and still loves art more than ever. She completed her first mini 4H projects this year by completing a painting and making/icing cookies with her grandmother. She also did junior showmanship showing a cousin’s pig. She has lost several teeth this year and has grown in height a ton.

Avery, 5, started kindergarten this year and is loving it so far. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed and she is in school. She loves to dance around and sing, especially making up songs. I think she is looking forward to learning to read this year so she can stop pretending to read books and actually understand what they are saying. She will be playing soccer this fall and is very excited to be back in sports.

Henry is 3, and will be 4 in November. A video just came up of him singing a song when he was Charlotte’s age and it is so hard to believe how fast the last 2 years have flown by. He is enjoying having both of his older sisters at school. He has been looking forward to playing soccer for a long time now, and his time has come. I will be coaching his team this fall and he is beyond excited (except for the whole pink cleats thing 🙂 ).

Charlotte is 21, almost 22 months, and her milestones this year have been crazy. She finally got her first teeth at 15 months and began walking around the same time. She may have had a slow start, but she hasn’t stopped since. She loves to climb, has quite the vocabulary, and amazes us everyday with the many things she can do. She sees herself as a “big girl” who can do everything that her older siblings can do.

This summer we were able to go on a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a week with my parents, my nieces, and my brother. We had such a good time. We were able to do river tubing, and big girl Charlotte  had to have her own tube to go down the river and we were able to go down the river several times. We also were able to see the dinner theater show “Hatfield & McCoys” and the kids really enjoyed it. We also went swimming a lot and saw a firework show every night of the week. We were also able to go to the American Eagle Foundation and see the rescued birds they house there. We were able to do an alpine coaster and even Henry, Avery and Savannah were able to ride down the mountainside. We also did a lot of walking around and shopping.


I guess that is really all for now.


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