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Charlie Kate

Charlie Kate turned 9 months last week and has had a busy week since. She weighed in at 17lbs 10 oz and is still wearing 3-6 month and 6-9 mo clothing mostly. She is now cutting her first two teeth on the bottom. She has started pulling herself to standing on furniture and toys and climbing the first few stairs. Crawling is still mostly an army crawl, but every once in a while she crawls up on all fours. She is eating mostly table food and still nursing, but does get pureed food mixed with cereal once a day or so. She loves to talk and is super ticklish. She is sleeping most of the night and still naps at least twice a day.

1st Pig and 1st grade

Savannah started 1st grade this week at Greenwood Christian Academy. She seems to really love her teacher Mrs. Koehling and her classmates. She even came home yesterday trying to convince me she had school today (Saturday). She also is loving being a car rider and lunch packer 🙂 She is very happy with the move we made for her and she comes home happy.

Charlie is closer to full out crawling, but for now has the army crawl mastered. She is getting around super fast and into everything. We had to rearrange the living room furniture to be able to confine her to only part of the house. She is also in the beginning stages of pulling up on furniture. She turned 9 months on August 6. She sees the pediatrician on Monday and I will try to update her stats later this coming week. She still has not cut any teeth, but she loves to eat solid food.

Not much has gone on last week and not much new coming up. We are just enjoying settling into a good routine. Avery had her initial speech therapy evaluation appointment with the school district yesterday and, although a slow process, we are glad it is finally started so we can get her ready for Kindergarten next fall. Henry is… well Henry. Not much new or going on with him right now.

Today we are having a hog roast. We have 4 pigs that we are raising for meat and one, unfortunately, developed a hernia and had to be dealt with much earlier than planned. Like Daniel said- when life gives you a pig with a hernia, have a pig roast. He was only about half the size we needed to take him to market, so the best option was to roast him whole. We dropped Lumperbelly (as the kids so aptly named him) to get prepped for roast last Wednesday and Daniel put him on the smoker this morning around 4 am. We are looking forward to having some fun with family this afternoon with good food and fellowship. We replaced our 4th pig last Thursday so we still have 4 going to market a little later this fall.