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Sweet Summertime

We just got back from a quick trip to Houston, Texas to watch my cousin get married. Daniel and I were able to leave the older 3 kiddos with his parents and drive with my parents and Charlotte to Texas. We flew home. It was a very nice weekend, but it went by way too fast!

The summer has been flying by so fast. Before we know it, we will have our vacation and then shortly thereafter Savannah will be back to school to start 1st grade. This year she will be attending Greenwood Christian Academy. It will definitely be hard for me in the beginnig to remember to take her to and from school.

Daniel recieved a job offer on Monday. God definitely answered our prayers in both the job, and the start date. We had planned a vacation around my work schedule due to work being slow, and were worried they were going to ask him to start the same week we had planned to go. Thankfully, without him even mentioning it, the start date is the day after we return from vacation. Daniel is so ready to head back to work, and I am ready to be at home with the kiddos for a while. I will continue to work once or twice a week for a few hours, but am glad that the stress of relying on my job for income will be gone.

We are looking forward to spending a week in Ozark, MO with Daniel’s family in a few weeks and getting away from it all. The last 6 months or so have been rather stressful and we are looking forward to taking some time to relax.

Charlotte will be 8 months old in the next few weeks. It is hard to believe that she has been with us for this long. She is a little giggle box. She has been eating some solid food for about a month or two now, but still prefers to just have milk. She is rolling all over the place and starting to scoot backward. This last month she learned to sit up and is now pretty steady. She still does not have any teeth, but her hair is coming in quick and blonde!

Savannah finally was able to buy her birthday bunny. Actually, she traded 5 chicks for her bunny and was able to save her birthday money. Bartering at its finest. Violet (assuming the rabbit is a girl) is adjusting well and is very gentle with the kids. Charlotte is finally not terrified of the bunny.

The pigs are getting quite big. Every time we turn around they are so much bigger. Henry is now quite leery of the pigs since they are getting to be bigger than him.



I know it has been a while since I last posted, and while there isn’t much excuse because I am working and do have the time, I have not been motivated much to sit down and write anything.

Not much has really happened the last few weeks. Savannah and Avery finished up soccer and Daniel and I coached Avery’s team this year. They really enjoyed playing. Savannah also finished up art lessons this year.

Savannah has had quite the exciting month. She finished up her first year of school, Kindergarten, on May 28. It was also her birthday. She turned 6. A few days later Savannah lost her first tooth. She had been so apprehensive about it that she let it hang on for dear life in her mouth for weeks. She finally let us tie a string to it and she threw her favorite stuffed animal off of our 2nd story entry and the tooth popped out. We had several attmepts on video that failed, but she jumped the gun on the try that successfully popped the tooth out and we have no video of that try. She is looking forward to starting school in the fall at Greenwood Christian Academy. She also saved money for a rabbit for her birthday and it will be arriving sometime in the next week or so. She is very excited about that. Eventually she would like to do a rabbit project for 4H along with pigs so we are getting a jump on learning the ropes.

We also got 4 piglets a few months back and are raising them for meat this year. The kids really enjoy going and feeding the pigs. We have 27 new chicks this year and are working on raising them up and look forward to a surge in our egg production. The kids enjoy going out and playing with the chicks (and our “old” girls).

Avery is just trucking along. She has another year before she starts school, but we are going to be starting speech therapy and a few other activities this fall with her and she will have quite the busy year.

Henry has decided to start potty training himself. He is slowly working on becoming fully trained (mostly because things are crazy right now and we have not had a few days to really devote to the task). He is very adventerous and gets into everything these days.

Charlotte is 7 months old now. Hard to believe how fast time is flying. No teeth and no motion at this time, but that is just fine with me!

Daniel has been unemployed since January, but has been actively seeking work. He had an interview yesterday and several others that are hopefully coming. We are praying that the right job will come along in His time. He and his dad have taken up blacksmithing in thier free time and have really enjoyed learning about and playing on the forge.

Not much is new with me. Mostly working and trying to spend as much time with the kids when I am off. I am still running and still love it!

WE had some family pictures done in April. Here is a snippet of them. Photo credit to A Natural Portrayal Photography.

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