I’m turning 30!

Since I will not be working tomorrow, and no where near a computer as I will be celebrating with my family, I thought I would update the blog today.

I will be turning 30 tomorrow and I have to say I am pretty darn excited about it. While I am closing a chapter of my life- a chapter that included graduating college, getting married, and having 4 beautiful children. My twenties was a fantastic decade for sure!

I eagerly await what my 30’s will bring for myself and my family. I


5 responses to “I’m turning 30!

  • Brittany

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day with your beautiful family! Wow! That’s crazy that you had all 4 of your kids in your 20’s! For the way kids just keep getting more and more fun as they get older, you are right, I’m sure your 30’s will hold a lot of fun adventures!

  • emmers22185

    Thanks! Hopefully you all can come visit soon. This spring we should have chicks and maybe even a few piglets šŸ™‚ We miss you all and hopefully will see everyone soon!

  • 4sampsonboys

    And Iā€™m excited to read the rest!

    • emmers22185

      Well don’t hold your breath! I am making a cake to share with Dan’s parents and we are going to a birthday party for Daniel’s step-grandfather tomorrow night and then back to our house to eat cake and go to bed. We are party animals šŸ™‚ There isn’t much to share. I think my gift is going to be Daniel and maybe his dad installing a laundry sink and maybe building in a countertop to finish off my laundry room and make it more functioning and maybe as a bonus get a sliding door ordered and installed and take down the door that is on there. sounds like a blast right? The bonus room still needs trim, but I thought better of asking for trim for my birthday!

  • Peg

    I made the comment I did because I don’t think I could see the whole message.

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