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Its been a month…

Daniel and I switched places at home a month ago. This last month has been trying, but has gone much smoother than I think we both anticipated. The kids are adjusting to Daniel being home. He is getting a good handle on what his daily schedule looks like and how to get things done. I am tired from being up all night with the baby and then getting myself up around 5 am for work, but hoping that sleep comes more readily this next month.

We took a step of faith yesterday and applied for her to attend Greenwood Christian Academy next year for first grade. We still have several steps left in the process, and we are not 100% sure that is the best decision for our family, but we went ahead and opened the door as an option. Savannah will shadow and have her assessment next week and we will go from there. We are happy with Clark Elementary and she has had a great year there, we just want to explore our options for next school year.


I’m turning 30!

Since I will not be working tomorrow, and no where near a computer as I will be celebrating with my family, I thought I would update the blog today.

I will be turning 30 tomorrow and I have to say I am pretty darn excited about it. While I am closing a chapter of my life- a chapter that included graduating college, getting married, and having 4 beautiful children. My twenties was a fantastic decade for sure!

I eagerly await what my 30’s will bring for myself and my family. I

February is here and almost gone!

Not much has changed the last few weeks. Daniel is still looking for jobs and hasn’t heard back on any of the applications he has put out there, but we are hopeful. God will provide in His time. Until then, he keeps plugging away. He has been staying home with the kids while I am working 4 days a week. They aren’t going to want me back after all the fun things he lets them do- like turning the living room into a gymnastics gym, making valentines, and making a flower vase out of a bottle by lighting it on fire! The transition has been smooth and I credit that mostly to the fact that 1. Daniel is a fantastic Dad! and 2. he has been working from home for the last 4 years so they are used to having him there. He has been quite the rockstar taking over some of my daily duties like laundry and cleaning. I very much appreciate the help he has been.

I am pretty exhausted. Charlotte is still waking several times a night and that, coupled with 5-5:30 am wake times for work, has made sleeping in short supply. Praying that things start clicking soon and she starts sleeping through the night. Charlotte is now 3 months old and has just started to giggle. She may be cutting her first few teeth on the bottom (will know better in a few days). She has been pretty congested and has a cold which is also making sleeping more difficult. I am ready for it to start warming up and for all the germs to go away! I am tired of wiping all 4 kiddos runny noses!

This is my last week as a twenty-something. I will be 30 on Saturday (and looking forward to it!)! We were able to have dinner with family last night, and will celebrate with cake later this week. I picked quite a challenging one, but Daniel is going to try to make it for me!

Friday I was able to spend some time with Savannah at her Valentine’s day party at school. It was nice to see her in her school environment. Thankful she is feeling better as she was sent home from school last Monday and was not able to return to school until Thursday due to a fever and bronchitis. She still has a nasty little cough, but hopefully it will be gone soon.

Will you pray with us that the right job will come along for Daniel in His time? God is faithful to provide and we can rely on his promises to get us through this time!


So much has happened since I last blogged. I usually update when I am at work since we do not have a reliable computer at home, so that must mean that I am back to work, which is true! More on that in a bit.

On November 6, 2014, we welcomed Charlotte Katherine Copeland, or Charlie Kate for short, to this world. She was 7 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long. We have been so blessed by her arrival! She is now 12 weeks old and how the time has flown by. It seems like she was just born, but with the holidays and such, time has really gotten away from us. She was 11 lbs 11 oz at her 2 month check at the beginning of January and is quite the chunk. I love evey one of her little rolls. She is now intentionally smiling at us and loves to play on the floor. Her brother and sisters really love her. Henry calls her his Charlie Bake.

Savannah is still trucking along in Kindergarten. She just celebrated 100 days a few weeks ago and is loving that she can read and write. She loves anything art and is starting art lessons with Elaine next week. She can hardly contain her excitement!

Avery turned 4 last week. It is hard to believe that I was 28 weeks pregnant with her when we moved to Indiana. That seems like it was just yesterday, and since then we have added 2 precious little ones to our family. She also loves to write, draw, and color and loves to play with Henry. She loves all things sports and is looking forward to playing soccer this spring. She celebrated her birthday with Thai food and then cake with Nana and Papa, and Mamaw and Papaw, which was a treat. We enjoyed having my parents here for a few days (and they finally got to meet Charlie Kate!).

Henry is… well Henry. He brings us joy and laughter. He loves to play with his older sisters and with all his trains, trucks, and play kitchen! He also loves to play dress up with his sisters. Henry turned 2 shortly after Charlotte arrived on November 16th. We celebrated with a party with the extended family so that everyone would also get a chance to meet the new baby. Henry is quite the parrot and we have to be quite intentional on the words coming out of our mouths for fear that Henry will repeat them!

Shortly after Charlie Kate was born, and right around Thanksgiving, Daniel recieved lay off notice. His last day of work was last Friday. He has been applying and interviewing, but nothing has happened yet. If you could pray that the right job would come along for him. It has been a blessing as he was really ready to move on from his old job, but the timing and terms could have been a little better. He is patiently waiting to hear back about a few interviews and we are praying that he starts getting call backs on a few of his applications soon. In the mean time, he is now staying home with the 3 little ones. I am back to work, temporarily, during the day, 4 days a week, until Daniel finds something else. We had decided long ago I would keep my side job for a “just in case”, and now that we are here, we are thankful for the provision of being able to continue to support our family without interruption. Just praying that Charlie adjusts quickly to taking a bottle from Daddy and that I am able to pump and keep my supply up during this time. Today is my first day back and I am a little emotional for sure. I am sure it will be hard on everyone!

I think that catches up the last few months of our lives! Looking forward to updating the blog a little more now that I will have time. Here are some recent pictures!