Monthly Archives: October 2014

Getting close!

Charlotte Katherine will be here two weeks from tomorrow if she doesnt make her apperance before then. So much to do, and definitely not enough time to get it all done. The bonus room has been finished as much as it can be for right now (missing trim and closet doors), but it is at least a functioning room now. So hard to believe how fast October has flown by. This year is just moving along at warp speed. We are trying to knock out as many projects as we can and get ourselves ready, but the to-do list is a little overwhelming. I am also lacking in motivation to get things ready either, which is making it more difficult.

Savannah is on her first break of the school year. Our schools are a balanced calendar so she gets a two week break at the end of each quarter. She is very much enjoying school and adjusting to the schedule and demand it brings.

Henry will be 2 next month which is just insane. Like I said- time is just flying by. Before too long the holidays will be here and then we will be entering a new year.

Avery is just… well Avery. She is spunky. I can’t believe she will be 4 early next year. I have enjoyed spending more alone time with her now that Savannah is in school.