I’m going to be an Aunt (again!!!)

So now that she is finally telling people- I can share with the few readers I have. I am going to be an aunt again.

No its not Valerie or Sarah. Thats right- Amy and John are expecting a little girl in June. She found out a little before she was 22 weeks along. Guess that is a good way to make your pregnancy fly by. We are just so excited for them (and she is coming around too 🙂 )! We have several trips out east planned this summer (including one right near her due date) and can’t wait to meet thier sweet baby girl!

In other news, the girls are signed up for thier first year of soccer. We can finally do weekend activities since Daniel’s schedule changed from T-Sat (for the last 3+ years) to M-F. The girls are very excited about playing and I will be coaching both of thier teams. We also have 35+ chickens living in our garge and are currently in the process of building a permanent coop behind our house. That will hopefully be ready next week sometime. Only 5 of the chickens in our garage are egg layers, so the others will be processed sometime in the middle of April. I think that is about all that is new with us recently.


One response to “I’m going to be an Aunt (again!!!)

  • 4sampsonboys

    I tried to comment on the blog but I can’t remember how to log in. Congratulations on your impending repeat as an aunt! Are Amaris and Ayanna excited? Please send me their address if you think they won’t mind.

    Have you heard that we have another grandchild on the way?

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