Happy Birthday Cheeseball!

Avery turned 3 yesterday. It is so hard to believe how fast time is flying! She is such a spunky little thing who has a huge heart.

You continue to amaze Daddy and I with your knowlege. You are such a sweet little girl who loves to play anythingyour sister plays. We love your imagination and sense of adventure. You always keep us guessing. You still use your pacifier at night and nap (but that will be coming to an end really soon) and you have been poty trained for over a year now! You weigh 31 punds and are just over 36 inches tall. You are so independant. You hate for anyone to do anything for you that you can do for yourself. You love to sing and know your A,B,C’s, colors, numbers through 20, and love puzzles. You are so much more a little girl than a baby now. You get mad when we call you “Avery” insisting you need to be called “Afey” or “Cheeseball”. Nothing else. You love to snuggle and be snuggled. Your favorite color is still blue and you sleep with a owl named “O”. You love Cinderella (Lella).

We love you so much baby girl!



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