Monthly Archives: September 2013

Family Pictures

Here are the long awaited family pictures:



Whats new?

Just a quick update to talk about what is new in our lives.

Henry will be 10 months old this month. Hard to believe how fast time is flying. He is walking behind his toys and will be walking unassisted here soon. He is such a delight. He loves to dance and gets into EVERYTHING!!!! So much more than the girls ever did!

We started school with the girls a few weeks ago and so far it has been going well. I will admit that I don’t have as much patience as I would like to have, but I am working on it.

We got the disc back from our family photo shoot (and as soon as I get it back from someone who is viewing them) I will try to get those up on the blog!

I am currently training with a great friend for a 10 K homecoming weekend. I started my work out (and weight loss that coincided) journey on February 1 and have come a long way. It has taken me a while to really be proud (not embarrased of where I was post baby) that I have officially lost 59 lbs since the middle of December. I really enjoy going out running each day and spending a little bit of time with myself! I have not enjoyed the fact that nothing fits and I have not been able to find clothes that fit.  I am not ready to spend a lot of money on clothes. I am trying to maintain my current weight, and am still trying to eat healty and consume a ton of calories a day (as I am still feeding Henry), but slowly the pounds are still coming off. It is definitely a good problem to have. I have had 2 unsuccessful trips to Goodwill so far in finding any kind of pants. its hard being tall! I can honestly say I love going out for a good long run. I am hoping to run a half marathon later this fall if the cost permits. It has been so hot here this last couple days that runs have been challening. I am looking forward to a slight cool down, but not ready for fall or winter yet.