Update on the kiddos

This winter has been unusually rough on us in terms of sickness. We spent a lot of time inside the house passing our germs back and forth. Avery has had multiple bouts with croup and Savannah has gotten the stomach bug. All the kids have had a runny nose for what seems like months. Henry has gotten croup and an ear infection. We have been germ free for a few weeks and have been enjoying getting out as the weather starts to warm up.

Avery celebrated her 2nd birthday in January. It is hard to believe how big she has gotten and how much things have changed in the last 2 years. I can’t even imagine our life without our spunky little blondie! She is learning new words daily and is really starting to communicate with us. She has her big sister to talk for her so she doesnt have much motivation to actually talk to us.

Savannah is getting ready to celebrate her 4th birthday. It is hard to believe that she changed our lives 4 years ago. She loves to play outside and with friends.

Henry is getting ready to celebrate 6 months. Hard to believe how fast time has flown since before the holidays. He is sitting up, rolling over, and loves to talk and laugh. He is going to be starting on a food adventure soon. He hates tummy time, unless his sisters are there entertaining him and loves to jump in his jumperoo.

Daniel and I are getting ready to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Time has flown by so fast!

And I am back. Four weeks ago when I was updating this post I got a call that sickness had once again struck our house hold. Daniel called me in the middle of my shift (I update the blog when I work, so now that it is less often I dont update it as much) to let me know that Savannah was laying on the floor writhing in pain. She ended up having an ear infection. That started a string of 2 weeks of sickeness that plauged us. Savannah ended up with another ear infection the day after she finished her first round of antibiotics. That same day Avery was diagnosed with pink eye. The next day Henry was diagnosed with pink eye and an ear infection. Avery was also diagnosed with an ear infection. Later that week Avery ended up not being able to walk and either fractured her fibula or she had toxic synovitis. We won’t know which one, but it was a long week to say the least.

The girls are both doing swim lessons right now. Avery loves to be in the pool and loves that she has her teacher all to herself. Savannah loves having others in her class as she is a little chatter box and loves to socialize. It drives her nuts that we stay home so much!

I think that is about it for now! I am sure I have missed a lot but my shift is about over.


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