Chicks and a Duck

A few weeks ago we brought home six chickens and a duck. We decided to do a rainbow layer mix so we have no idea what breeds, color eggs, or anything else about the chickens. It has been fun to watch them grow and change colors. They have just started to go outside a few times and will start going outside during the day here as soon as it warms up a little more. We also got a black duck, who  started out the same size as the chicks but is nearly double the size. I think his wings forgot to grow though as they are stumpy little things! Savannah and Avery named the duck Petey and the chicks: Pistachio, Ariel, Evangeline, Sally, Ju-Ju, and Ducky. We probably won’t have any eggs until the end of summer, but Savannah is already looking forward to her responsibility of collecting the eggs and especially eating the eggs. That kid loves eggs like a kid should love cake. They have enjoyed watching them grow, first in our kitchen in a box for a week, and now in the garage in a bunny hutch.


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