Monthly Archives: January 2013


We hosted my family here for Christmas. It has been a while since we were all together (minus Valerie sadly).


Mom, Dad and Nate drove in (through the snow) the Thursday before Christmas and had dinner/game night with the Copeland family on Friday night. On Sunday, we met Amy’s family at my Aunt Barb’s house for dinner and to spend some time with her family. We picked up my Aunt Cathy from the airport on the way home. It was nice being able to spend time with family and revisit old traditions that were established while we were growing up, as well as incorporate some traditions that we have started with our own family. Wednesday morning Amy’s family was not able to leave due to a blizzard and we got to spend a bonus day together. Savannah really enjoyed having her cousins here to play with! Amy’s family headed home on Thursday and my parents, brother, and aunt left on Friday. It was weird to have such a quiet house after a week. We are so thankful for our new house, which had 14 people in it for the better part of the week. There was plenty of space to spread out and spend time together. We had “Christmas” with Dan’s family on Friday and celebrated the new year quietly at home. On New Year’s Day, we celebrated in traditional form with home made egg rolls (courtesy of Dan’s mom).

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