Monthly Archives: September 2012

Way Behind

I have gotten so far behind in updating the blog. We have been so busy working on the house and starting to prepare for Bubba’s arrival. Here are some of the things we have done, that I hope to update more in depth later.

We got our grass planted (thanks to Daniel’s dad) which was a huge undertaking. Dan’s mom watched the girls so I could help outside since it took 3 of us all day to get the grass in and a few hours on several other days to wrap up the project. The result- we now have grass! I will get pictures up later.

Since our biggest outside project was finally finished, we were able to move inside to get some painting done. We got the laundry room painted, shelves moved, and new cabinets hung. All we need to get is a laundry sink and some countertops put in and we are in business! I am so excited and it looks great!

We also painted the nursery the other day (pictures will hopefully come soon). This is the first time we are able to paint a nursery in our house so we took the opportunity to make it special for our little boy. Hard to believe that our due date is in 9 weeks. Time has been flying by so fast and there is still so much to be done.

We started a MOPS program today and Savannah has been ecstatic. We missed the last meeting due to a last minute appointment with the MFM specialist (to check to make sure a slight problem would not be an issue for the baby- thankfully it will not affect him at all). She was really upset that we had to miss MOPS last time. First thing she said to me today was- “The kids there played with me Mom!”. She does not have a lot of kids around her age and Avery is still in the parallel play stage so Savannah gets disappointed often that there is not someone to play with her on her level.

That is all I can think of for now.