Tons of progress- literally!

We have had tons of gravel delivered this week.

It is amazing how much the site has changed and it actually has started to look like a house. This week we have gotten so much work done on the house- the walls for the crawl space and garage were poured, footers poured, drainage tile laid inside and outside of the foundation, crawl filled with gravel, front porch and garage filled with gravel, garage concrete poured, foundation inspected, house backfilled and yard smoothed out, driveway evened out, and lumber delivered. Whew! Tomorrow, weather permitting, the framing will begin. Our general contractor stated last night that from here on out weather will not be much of an obstacle. We are so thankful that, despite all the hang ups we had early on, the weather has been beautiful this last week. We hav enjoyed weather in the 70’s and 80’s for the last week, and the rain has held off! 

I know I keep saying I will, but I will do a slide of pictures soon. The camera has found a new home in the car so we can take progress pictures, but that means I have also been bad about taking it out to upload pictures! Soon. I promise!


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