Yes and No

There has not been many new developments in the way of family life. We have settled into a routine and just take it one day at a time. Avery has been growing up so fast. She will be 14 months next week. She has learned how to shake her head “no”, but she does not quite understand. If she wants something she does her grunty “yes”, but shakes her head no at the same time. If she means no, she does not say anything, just shakes her head. It is really cute. She has really started to show comprehension. She cleans up when asked and responds to simple requests. Dan and I commented that we don’t really remember Savannah understanding so much at a young age, but maybe we just don’t remember. It is incredible how intellingent Avery is.

Savannah has been on a nap strike. She only takes naps on occasion, when she really feels like it. She is definitely acting much more like a toddler and loves to ask “what”, “why”, “who”, etc. She also has her moments of tantrums, stubborness, and deliberate disobedience. We are working on those things! She has moved into a twin size bed and is loving her independence. The other day she called down the hall “I need something, I need help!” and we went back to find that Avery had taken the stool Savannah uses to get in and out of bed and was holding it in a taunting way! They have definitely learned to interact with each other and enjoy playing together much more now. Turn about is definitely fair play though- Avery got stuck in the toybox and Savannah just left her screaming since Avery took her stool away earlier 🙂


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