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House Progress Pictures

And here, as promised, are the long awaited pictures!

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Here are some recent pictures of the girls-

Avery eating a very messy lunch, Savannah being Silly, and Avery playing the piano!

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Tons of progress- literally!

We have had tons of gravel delivered this week.

It is amazing how much the site has changed and it actually has started to look like a house. This week we have gotten so much work done on the house- the walls for the crawl space and garage were poured, footers poured, drainage tile laid inside and outside of the foundation, crawl filled with gravel, front porch and garage filled with gravel, garage concrete poured, foundation inspected, house backfilled and yard smoothed out, driveway evened out, and lumber delivered. Whew! Tomorrow, weather permitting, the framing will begin. Our general contractor stated last night that from here on out weather will not be much of an obstacle. We are so thankful that, despite all the hang ups we had early on, the weather has been beautiful this last week. We hav enjoyed weather in the 70’s and 80’s for the last week, and the rain has held off! 

I know I keep saying I will, but I will do a slide of pictures soon. The camera has found a new home in the car so we can take progress pictures, but that means I have also been bad about taking it out to upload pictures! Soon. I promise!

Yes and No

There has not been many new developments in the way of family life. We have settled into a routine and just take it one day at a time. Avery has been growing up so fast. She will be 14 months next week. She has learned how to shake her head “no”, but she does not quite understand. If she wants something she does her grunty “yes”, but shakes her head no at the same time. If she means no, she does not say anything, just shakes her head. It is really cute. She has really started to show comprehension. She cleans up when asked and responds to simple requests. Dan and I commented that we don’t really remember Savannah understanding so much at a young age, but maybe we just don’t remember. It is incredible how intellingent Avery is.

Savannah has been on a nap strike. She only takes naps on occasion, when she really feels like it. She is definitely acting much more like a toddler and loves to ask “what”, “why”, “who”, etc. She also has her moments of tantrums, stubborness, and deliberate disobedience. We are working on those things! She has moved into a twin size bed and is loving her independence. The other day she called down the hall “I need something, I need help!” and we went back to find that Avery had taken the stool Savannah uses to get in and out of bed and was holding it in a taunting way! They have definitely learned to interact with each other and enjoy playing together much more now. Turn about is definitely fair play though- Avery got stuck in the toybox and Savannah just left her screaming since Avery took her stool away earlier 🙂


I will add pictures a little later, once I am home, but here is an update on the house. We were able to break ground on Monday and the excavator was able to push out for the foundation and cut out the driveway. The gravel was brought in for the driveway too!  Tuesday, the foundation company was able to dig the footers and pour the concrete for the foundation. Yesterday, the company poured gravel in the crawl to deal with the soft dirt and today, weather permitting, the walls for the crawlspace will be poured! We should be getting the construction schedule soon, so as soon as we know what is going on, I will share with you!

House Update

So last week I may have gotten a little too excited, too fast! Shortly after posting the update last week we recieved a call from our builder with a hang up with the permit. We met with the county on Tuesday and resolved the problem- they wanted silt fencing all around the construction site, but the request was overkill and ridiculous, so we negotiated a solution. The excavator was wanting to start the driveway today, but it is pouring rain outside, so we will probably be pushed until Monday before the driveway and foundation are dug. We had to wait until today to give the Holy Moly people time to mark the property again. Yesterday would have been perfect to start, but we were waiting for the go ahead. Our electrician also met with IPL yesterday to decide the best way to run the electricity to the property (and the cheapest way). Hopefully next week I will have an amazing progress update! Hopefull the weather will continue to warm up and allow for the work to progress quickly!


We got the news we have been waiting for- building permit will be picked up this morning and the push out will start on Monday! We should be in our house sometime in June. We have been waiting for construction to start for months now, and it is finally here! Dan is off on Monday, so we will go and watch them break ground, push the foundation out, and put in the driveway!