House update

Not too much has been going on this last week, so I am going to skip a long update and just talk about the house. We have finally submitted our building permit submitted and pending review with the county planner, which the builder is hopeful is almost done being reviewed. We have finalized most other choices, options, and contracts for the house, so the building permit is really all we are waiting on to get started. Once we break ground, we should be in our house between 100 and 110 days. We are anxious to get things going and be able to see the end. We are hoping to get the driveway started asap, but are waiting for the final proposal from the excavator to give us the final numbers on some work before getting started on that, plus we want to make sure that all the excavation is done at once while he is there, instead of bringing the equipment several different times. We are hoping to know more a little later this week, and hopefully a start date. We have our pre-construction meeting on Monday and that is the last meeting with the builder prior to starting!


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