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Stubborn and Such

Avery and Savannah have become quite good friends since Avery has become super mobile. They spend most of the day terrorizing the house, squealing and chasing each other, leaving carnage in their wake. They love to play with each other in their bedroom, and usually leave a huge mess in their room, the living room, and the kitchen. I really should take a picture to document just how much they can do in a matter of minutes.

Savannah has become quite the jealous and attention craving sis. She has been on a nap strike the last few weeks and it is a daily struggle to get her to take a nap early in the afternoon. Most of the time, if she caves, she normally takes a nap so late that we have to waker her up and she is a grouch for the afternoon and evening and then refuses to go to bed. Then, she wakes up super early and is a grouch all morning. We are really trying to figure this out and get into a routine.

We  took Savannah to get a new “big girl” bed this week. We decided on a twin over twin bunk bed that could be unbunked into two separate beds, that way we have matching beds for the girls later, but can just set up one bed for Savannah now since Avery does not need a big girl bed. Savannah has had a lot of fun picking out sheets and a comforter for her new bed. Of course, she picked out princess sheets (but I drew the line before she picked the comforter) and a hot pink ruffled comforter that will be easy to find something coordinating for Avery later, but matches the current bedding they have in their room now. Savannah is all but destroying the toddler bed (by being rough) and Avery will need it soon, if she is anything like Savannah who started sleeping in the toddler bed at 14 months. I also want some time to finally refinish the toddler bed, something I have wanted to do for the last  2 years or so. I am going to take it apart, sand it, and paint it to match the furniture in their room! I love projects.

I love being home with the girls, but I also love when I get a little time for myself. Yesterday, I was able to get out and just take a nice long run and a long shower, all by myself. I just kept running and didn’t really want to stop and head home 🙂 The weather was so nice, and Daniel was so gracious, it was hard to stop!


Breaking Ground

Just a quick update today. This is the week we have been waiting for- the week the house gets staked out and we possibly break ground! The building permit is in its final stages of review and we should hopefully have it back today or tomorrow at the latest, but the builder is going to stake either today or tomorrow and start prepping the site for construction! We are so ready to get the house underway and start.

House update

Not too much has been going on this last week, so I am going to skip a long update and just talk about the house. We have finally submitted our building permit submitted and pending review with the county planner, which the builder is hopeful is almost done being reviewed. We have finalized most other choices, options, and contracts for the house, so the building permit is really all we are waiting on to get started. Once we break ground, we should be in our house between 100 and 110 days. We are anxious to get things going and be able to see the end. We are hoping to get the driveway started asap, but are waiting for the final proposal from the excavator to give us the final numbers on some work before getting started on that, plus we want to make sure that all the excavation is done at once while he is there, instead of bringing the equipment several different times. We are hoping to know more a little later this week, and hopefully a start date. We have our pre-construction meeting on Monday and that is the last meeting with the builder prior to starting!

Shut In

The last week there has not been too much going on. Last Monday we repicked all the colors for the house since we overthought the previous choices and decided to make some revisions. On Tuesday we went to the Children’s Museum with Dan’s Mom, since we were in much need of a mental break after a long, and very busy weekend. The rest of our week and weekend were normal and unremarkable to say the least. We did watch the Superbowl, but we were not too interested in it this year.

Our building permit should be submitted today, so hopefully we will hear soon on how the process is going and how soon we can break ground. Everything is about ready to go, just waiting on the last piece or 2 of the puzzle. We have pretty much made every decision on our end and are waiting for a few loose ends to be tied up for the driveway and we are ready to go. We still have to close on our loan, but we don’t really want to do that until we are ready to get started.

Avery has finally gotten all her teeth that were bothering her through and is climbing everything. Yesterday, I found her standing on top of the toilet and on top of Savannah’s bed. She is going to be trouble!

Daniel and I are going out on a date tonight, and for the first time in a long time, I have no idea where we are going. He has kept it a surprise and I have tried my best to figure it out. I am so excited that we are going out all by ourselves tonight. So thankful for family who are willing to watch the girls for us. We really need a break!

Avery’s Birthday Pictures

Here are pictures from Avery’s Birthday Day. We had dinner with Daryl and Erica to celebrate her birthday on Thursday night and dinner with Mamaw, Papaw, and RahRah on Friday night to celebrate!

Party Time!

Last Saturday we celebrated Avery’s 1st birthday with family. Amid the mountain of cake balls and icecream, there was good fellowship and memories made. Avery really dug in to her cake (much more messy than Savannah was) and enjoyed all the sugar! My sister and her family were able to make the trip from Ohio to join us in the celebration. Avery got lots of clothes and puzzles (which she loves!). Here are some pictures from her birthday party!

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