Avery’s birthday week

Last year, this time, I was miserable. I had a sinus infection, a ear infection, and was generally uncomfortable at 38 weeks pregnant. I went to the doctor, and they wanted to schedule a c-section for the next week. I did not really want another c-section, unless it was necessary, so I agreed to have a ultrasound to check baby’s progress and how big she was getting. The ultrasound was scheduled for Thursday, January 27. At the ultrasound it was discovered that there was a dangerously low level of amniotic fluid and the baby would need to be delivered immediately. We were informed there were no beds at the hospital, but they were working on things and I would have to stay at the office until there was a bed and surgery suite available. We were told to stay in the office on NST monitors until the doctor on call could arrive to talk to us, but then after being hooked up for 5 minutes they sent us over to the hospital to meet her. After some confusion, we were sent over to the hospital for a repeat c-section due to the emergent need.We stopped at home, to talk to Dan’s mom, who was watching Savannah during our appointment, and let her know what was going on. I was also adamant that I get my clothes, hospital bags, etc. (the Dr.’s office did not want me to stop at home, but it was only a few minutes out of the way.) We were in such a hurry, we forgot to grab the camera and a few other things. I was more focused on getting Savannah ready for her first night away from us. When we checked in, the phone rang and the charge nurse was explaining to a very upset husband why his wife could not come in for a scheduled c-section- there were no beds. They were so ready to meet their precious baby, and I bumped them off of the schedule. Because I had previously had a c-section, they were not willing to induce me. Avery arrived less than an hour after arriving at the hospital. It would have been sooner, but the doctor had headed back to the office unaware they had sent us over to the hospital already. Daniel and I had not decided on a name for Avery by the time they had her out, but she had a name shortly after that. She was perfect, and tiny- 6lbs 12 oz. and 19 3/4 in. The really funny thing is- in Ohio we had friends that were due in the beginning of January. We joked with them that if things didn’t get moving our baby would be here before theirs- our due dates were a month apart. Their baby, Justice, barely squeaked into the world a few minutes before Avery. I had a dream the night before that we had our babies on the same day because I knew she was being induced the next morning, and oddly enough, it is what happened. I just didn’t expect to be sent to the hospital that day. It is so amazing how much our lives have changed this last year. We have truly been blessed. Here is Avery’s first picture taken at the hospital (via cellphone since it was the only camera we had at the time).


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