Water… We have Water

So the other day I mentioned that we finally got the land straightened out. I tried to post last week about us choosing colors for the house, inside and out, but for some reason the blog site was not working so I will make one big post, including pictures!

Last Saturday Daniel and I had a “date” with our contractor and picked all the colors in the house. We couldn’t believe how many choices we had- carpets, cabinets, flooring, trim, paint, counter tops, siding, shutters, gutters, trim, and the list goes on. Thankfully, we made decisions pretty quickly and efficiently. We decided not to go through room by room and select individual colors by room, but rather group rooms together and pick one scheme for them. We are very happy with our choices and can’t wait to see how things turn out.

This last week  we planned and turned in our permit for our driveway. Hopefully, we should have the permit back sometime this week and the excavator can begin grading the property and carving out the driveway.

We also turned in our application for the septic- the very first step in the building process- and received great news! Due to our ingenuity and cunning planning we got approved for a gravity flow system, which is exactly what we wanted! Now we have contracted with a company who should be turning drawings in soon! We should have our septic permit soon and then it is on to the building permit!

We awoke today to a fantastic phone call- the well was going in today! We went over to watch the guys put in the well and it was quite fascinating. The trucks got stuck trying to get back out, but it didn’t help that it started to rain and warm up and the ground got really mushy. They found “a lot” of water at 154 feet. It is a little deeper than our pocket book was hoping they had to go, but we are happy to have water none the less. We now have our well log as one of the last puzzle pieces to our septic application. Here are some pictures from the day.

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