One Small Step in the Paperwork… One Giant Leap to our New House

First, we want to say THANK YOU! to Daniel’s parents, especially his dad, who have been working hard on our behalf to help make our house a reality. As of yesterday, all of our problems have been fixed and the land is officially ours. This means that we can begin construction! The deed has been filed and the property is now listed in our names so we can begin to make the improvements on the land necessary to pull our septic permit (the first step in construction) by getting our well placed next week. We are meeting with our builder tomorrow night to do our color selections and our house blue prints were completed and delivered today! Now it is getting all the necessary paperwork to the correct places to start the process across the board. We still have a few more things to deliver to the mortgage company and need to drop the home plans off to the Health Department to find out what kind of septic we need. Once that is completed the Septic Permit should be issued and we should be on our way! If things continue as they are, we could be in our house by very early spring. We are now the proud owners of a little more than 6 acres- a place where we can raise our kids and grow as a family- not to mention how close we are to all of Dan’s family! Right now we are 20+ minutes from anything (shopping, family, etc.) so it will be so nice to be in Greenwood again and have just a few minutes to anywhere we need to go!


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