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Avery is 1

Man, this last  year of our life has been incredible. God has blessed us with such a sweet little girl- Avery Marie. Avery, you are our world. Your smile can light up a room. This last year, you have taught your Daddy and I so much about life.  You bring your older sister joy and companionship. We love to watch you and your sister play so sweet together.

You are a  year old. This last year you have learned so many new things.

At 7 weeks you started to pick up your head and smile intentionally. At 9 weeks old we saw your smile the size of Texas and dimples to boot. At your 2 month appointment you were growing great! You weighed 11 lbs 6 oz and in the 60th percentile for all your measurements. You were battling an eye problem, but it corrected itself at about 8 months old. At 5 months old you were army crawling across the floor and eating everything in sight. You ate so much “real” food that you stole from big sis, before we even started baby food. You always somehow managed to swallow stuff before I could pull it out. You loved to eat cereal and even tried to feed yourself. At 5 months old, you weighed 12 lbs 7 oz and were 24 in. tall. You were up to 13 lbs 4 oz at about 5 1/2 months at a weight check. You started eating baby food at 5 1/2 months old and are crawling like a champ now. You have been on the go ever since. At your 6 month check up you weighed 14 lbs 1 oz (8th percentile) and is 25 3/4 (20th percentile). At 8 months you started to crawl with your belly off the ground all the time and are getting pretty fast at it. You were pulling yourself up on furniture and getting into everything!  You eat EVERYTHING! You are not picky at all and loves to eat table food. You are developing quite the personality and are a happy baby almost 100 percent of the time. You are now sleeping pretty much through the night (past 6 am) without nursing. At 9 months old you are now saying “DaDa” (kind of) and giving high fives and kisses. You are so close to standing on your own and walking. You walk behind  toys and move between furniture. You have such a great personality and I love to watch you and Savannah interact. You really love eachother! You are pretty much eating table food 100% of the time (other than the occasional jar of baby food for supplement). You weighed in at 16 lbs 9 oz at your 9 month appointment. You take a step or two by yourself if you are not thinking about it. You also got your first two teeth this month. It took forever for them to finally come in. You turned 10 months old on the 27th of November . You say Dada with intent now and are possibly saying Mama but it is more like Ba Ma. You imitate and laugh at everything. You are so vocal. If I cough, you will cough over and over again laughing and giggling. You don’t eat baby food anymore and love to eat everything. You are so adventurous and love to follow your older sister around. You light up whatever room you are in. Naps, though, are a different story. You love to be held while napping and refuse to sleep in your crib for naps. You also got your first stitches this month. You pulled a stocking holder down on top of your head and needed a stitch in your forehead to hold it together! You are 11 months now. You are taking 2 or 3 steps at a time and cruise between objects with ease. You love to play with your older sister and chew on all her princesses. Your eyes lit up watching the Christmas tree and, while you loved the wrapping paper, you did love your gifts more. Your bottom 2 teeth have finally made their appearance and you are proud of them. You love to figure things out and make lots of noise in any way possible. You LOVE books. Any time Mommy or Daddy sit on the floor you come crawling over with a book in hand. You have said DaDa for a long time, but have not said MaMa yet. You laugh any time we try to get you to say it, and then proceed to say DaDa. You hate to nap in your crib, so you get lots of cuddle time with MaMa in the afternoons. You eat anything in sight! You are so loving- you give hugs and kisses on demand, and love to snuggle with Mommy or Daddy. You also wave hello, bye-bye, give high fives, play pat-a-cake, clap “yay”, and sign milk. You never cease to amaze us with all the new things you have learned on a daily basis. This last month you have gotten good at walking around and even standing up from a sitting position. You have 3 teeth on the top coming in. Today, at 12 months, you weigh 18lbs 7 oz and are 29 1/4in. tall. You are still so little for your age, but staying on a consistent, and healthy path.

I can’t believe you are 1 today! You are such a joy to Mommy and Daddy and we love you very much!

Avery's First Picture

Big Sister meeting Avery for the first time

Bringing baby Avery home!

Daddy's Girls

Bright Eyes


Look at my dimples!

Watch what I am going to do...

Avery crawling around in the leaves

They love each other!

Cheese! I am 10 months old!

My first Christmas Gift

My first ornament!

Avery proud of her stitches!

Christmas pictures


Merry Christmas

Gramdpa and His Girls with Farm Book

Avery's favorite Christmas gift- a pedal tractor


Avery walking by herself!

Look at my teeth!

I am 1!



Just a quick update on the house. We have been making  a ton of decisions- yay us!- and changing around some of the colors, etc. to ones that we have now decided we like better.  We also picked up the septic permit this week, which is the last permit we were responsible for. Thankfully, we got through the process very quickly (it can get long, drawn out, and nitpicky) and have the go ahead to file for the building permit. We are hoping to have the  building permit turned in by the end of the week! We need the building permit turned in and issued before January 31 so we can get an address for our property, otherwise we will have to wait another month to get an address. This does not affect building at all, but would make some of the paperwork, etc. much easier. I think that is all of the updates for now!

Avery’s birthday week

Last year, this time, I was miserable. I had a sinus infection, a ear infection, and was generally uncomfortable at 38 weeks pregnant. I went to the doctor, and they wanted to schedule a c-section for the next week. I did not really want another c-section, unless it was necessary, so I agreed to have a ultrasound to check baby’s progress and how big she was getting. The ultrasound was scheduled for Thursday, January 27. At the ultrasound it was discovered that there was a dangerously low level of amniotic fluid and the baby would need to be delivered immediately. We were informed there were no beds at the hospital, but they were working on things and I would have to stay at the office until there was a bed and surgery suite available. We were told to stay in the office on NST monitors until the doctor on call could arrive to talk to us, but then after being hooked up for 5 minutes they sent us over to the hospital to meet her. After some confusion, we were sent over to the hospital for a repeat c-section due to the emergent need.We stopped at home, to talk to Dan’s mom, who was watching Savannah during our appointment, and let her know what was going on. I was also adamant that I get my clothes, hospital bags, etc. (the Dr.’s office did not want me to stop at home, but it was only a few minutes out of the way.) We were in such a hurry, we forgot to grab the camera and a few other things. I was more focused on getting Savannah ready for her first night away from us. When we checked in, the phone rang and the charge nurse was explaining to a very upset husband why his wife could not come in for a scheduled c-section- there were no beds. They were so ready to meet their precious baby, and I bumped them off of the schedule. Because I had previously had a c-section, they were not willing to induce me. Avery arrived less than an hour after arriving at the hospital. It would have been sooner, but the doctor had headed back to the office unaware they had sent us over to the hospital already. Daniel and I had not decided on a name for Avery by the time they had her out, but she had a name shortly after that. She was perfect, and tiny- 6lbs 12 oz. and 19 3/4 in. The really funny thing is- in Ohio we had friends that were due in the beginning of January. We joked with them that if things didn’t get moving our baby would be here before theirs- our due dates were a month apart. Their baby, Justice, barely squeaked into the world a few minutes before Avery. I had a dream the night before that we had our babies on the same day because I knew she was being induced the next morning, and oddly enough, it is what happened. I just didn’t expect to be sent to the hospital that day. It is so amazing how much our lives have changed this last year. We have truly been blessed. Here is Avery’s first picture taken at the hospital (via cellphone since it was the only camera we had at the time).

Steps and Teeth

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Here are some pictures of Avery’s teeth and her walking. Thanks Aunt Anita for the cute outfits!

Water… We have Water

So the other day I mentioned that we finally got the land straightened out. I tried to post last week about us choosing colors for the house, inside and out, but for some reason the blog site was not working so I will make one big post, including pictures!

Last Saturday Daniel and I had a “date” with our contractor and picked all the colors in the house. We couldn’t believe how many choices we had- carpets, cabinets, flooring, trim, paint, counter tops, siding, shutters, gutters, trim, and the list goes on. Thankfully, we made decisions pretty quickly and efficiently. We decided not to go through room by room and select individual colors by room, but rather group rooms together and pick one scheme for them. We are very happy with our choices and can’t wait to see how things turn out.

This last week  we planned and turned in our permit for our driveway. Hopefully, we should have the permit back sometime this week and the excavator can begin grading the property and carving out the driveway.

We also turned in our application for the septic- the very first step in the building process- and received great news! Due to our ingenuity and cunning planning we got approved for a gravity flow system, which is exactly what we wanted! Now we have contracted with a company who should be turning drawings in soon! We should have our septic permit soon and then it is on to the building permit!

We awoke today to a fantastic phone call- the well was going in today! We went over to watch the guys put in the well and it was quite fascinating. The trucks got stuck trying to get back out, but it didn’t help that it started to rain and warm up and the ground got really mushy. They found “a lot” of water at 154 feet. It is a little deeper than our pocket book was hoping they had to go, but we are happy to have water none the less. We now have our well log as one of the last puzzle pieces to our septic application. Here are some pictures from the day.

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One Small Step in the Paperwork… One Giant Leap to our New House

First, we want to say THANK YOU! to Daniel’s parents, especially his dad, who have been working hard on our behalf to help make our house a reality. As of yesterday, all of our problems have been fixed and the land is officially ours. This means that we can begin construction! The deed has been filed and the property is now listed in our names so we can begin to make the improvements on the land necessary to pull our septic permit (the first step in construction) by getting our well placed next week. We are meeting with our builder tomorrow night to do our color selections and our house blue prints were completed and delivered today! Now it is getting all the necessary paperwork to the correct places to start the process across the board. We still have a few more things to deliver to the mortgage company and need to drop the home plans off to the Health Department to find out what kind of septic we need. Once that is completed the Septic Permit should be issued and we should be on our way! If things continue as they are, we could be in our house by very early spring. We are now the proud owners of a little more than 6 acres- a place where we can raise our kids and grow as a family- not to mention how close we are to all of Dan’s family! Right now we are 20+ minutes from anything (shopping, family, etc.) so it will be so nice to be in Greenwood again and have just a few minutes to anywhere we need to go!