Avery is 11 months

It is hard to believe, but Avery is 11 months old. Her birthday party has been set, invitations mostly sent out, and outfit ordered. So much has happened this last year that we are so thankful for- one of which is our daredevil, but oh so sweet baby girl- Avery Marie.

You are 11 months now. You are taking 2 or 3 steps at a time and cruise between objects with ease. You love to play with your older sister and chew on all her princesses. Your eyes lit up watching the Christmas tree and, while you loved the wrapping paper, you did love your gifts more. Your bottom 2 teeth have finally made their appearance and you are proud of them. You love to figure things out and make lots of noise in any way possible. You LOVE books. Any time Mommy or Daddy sit on the floor you come crawling over with a book in hand. You have said DaDa for a long time, but have not said MaMa yet. You laugh any time we try to get you to say it, and then proceed to say DaDa. You hate to nap in your crib, so you get lots of cuddle time with MaMa in the afternoons. You eat anything in sight!

You are so loving- you give hugs and kisses on demand, and love to snuggle with Mommy or Daddy. You also wave hello, bye-bye, give high fives, play pat-a-cake, clap “yay”, and sign milk. You never cease to amaze us with all the new things you have learned on a daily basis.

We can’t believe you are already 11 months old! We love you!


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