Last Sunday was quite the busy day for us- church, lunch, viewing, etc. that culminating in a trip to Urgent Care.

Avery is quite the little dare devil baby. She climbs cabinets, book cases, step stools- just about anything she can get her hands and feet on to. She likes to throw herself off the couch and definitely test the limits.

On Sunday Avery discovered Christmas stockings. We did not realize that she could reach the stockings that hung on Daniel’s parents mantle. Daniel and I had a veiwing to go to Sunday afternoon so we had asked Dan’s Aunt Joan to come and stay with thte girls at Dan’s parents house while we went out. At our house we don’t have a mantle this year so we have our stockings hanging on the top of our book case where neither girl can reach them. The thought never even crossed my mind on Sunday that she could even reach the bottom of the stockings much less pull them down on top of herself. Most of the stockings were secured to the mantle, but a few were hanging on big brass stocking holders. Avery reached up and got her finger stuck in one of the loops at the bottom of the stocking and pulled the holder down on top of herself. The hole in her head was not bleeding too bad when we got back so we put some neosporin and a bandaid on it and headed out to dinner. While at dinner the bleeding filled up the bandaid so we decided to take her to urgent care just to be safe.

We dropped Savannah off at Aunt Anita’s for a bit so we wouldn’t have to deal with her at the doctor’s office. The Urgent Care was not too busy and they got us in pretty quickly. Avery was a champ at getting her vitals taken and let the nurse mess with her without getting fussy. Her head had stopped bleeding shortly before we arrived at Urgent Care. The doctor came in the room quickly and started to get her history. While we were sitting there, Avery turned to the wall and hit her head on the wall hard enough to make it start bleeding again. She has a thing about tapping her head on surfaces to explore, but she did it much harder and forgot about the huge goose egg on her head. Ouch!

They decided to go ahead and put some stitches into the wound to pull it together better since it was on her forehead and there would be a huge scar if they didn’t. They ended up using the papoose board to hold her down, which was really sad, but they were very quick and she was out in no time. She screamed the entire time, but as soon as they let her out she was just fine. I should have taken off her jacket because it was super hot in the room and I am sure part of it was she was hot.

She is totally fine- in fact, she is very proud of her stitches. Every time she catches sight of them in the mirror she gets a huge smile on her face!

I have never personally had stitches and neither has Savannah, so it was a new experience for me.

Proud Avery


Proud Avery

The stitches a few days later!


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