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Avery is 11 months

It is hard to believe, but Avery is 11 months old. Her birthday party has been set, invitations mostly sent out, and outfit ordered. So much has happened this last year that we are so thankful for- one of which is our daredevil, but oh so sweet baby girl- Avery Marie.

You are 11 months now. You are taking 2 or 3 steps at a time and cruise between objects with ease. You love to play with your older sister and chew on all her princesses. Your eyes lit up watching the Christmas tree and, while you loved the wrapping paper, you did love your gifts more. Your bottom 2 teeth have finally made their appearance and you are proud of them. You love to figure things out and make lots of noise in any way possible. You LOVE books. Any time Mommy or Daddy sit on the floor you come crawling over with a book in hand. You have said DaDa for a long time, but have not said MaMa yet. You laugh any time we try to get you to say it, and then proceed to say DaDa. You hate to nap in your crib, so you get lots of cuddle time with MaMa in the afternoons. You eat anything in sight!

You are so loving- you give hugs and kisses on demand, and love to snuggle with Mommy or Daddy. You also wave hello, bye-bye, give high fives, play pat-a-cake, clap “yay”, and sign milk. You never cease to amaze us with all the new things you have learned on a daily basis.

We can’t believe you are already 11 months old! We love you!



So now that the madness of Christmas has come and gone, I thought I would recap our week and post some pictures from Christmas.

All last week, Daniel’s work was slow, so he took Friday off and we took the girls to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. We had a great time watching the girls interact and play with new things. Avery even enjoyed several areas especially designed for her age. They rode the carousel several times, and Avery, our daredevil, rode the horse all by herself! We finally convinced Savannah to ride a horse that went up and down and she LOVED it! Of course, Avery, Savannah, and I took a ride down the huge slide too! It was a little crowded for our taste (but we were not expecting otherwise), but we can go back any time we want, so next time we will pick a less crowded day.

On Saturday, we headed down to Bloomington to celebrate Christmas with the Stubbs family. It was a great time of food, family, and fun! We headed back to Daniel’s parents house, where we stayed the night, and ate yummy food (which is becoming quite a tradition!). We opened most of the presents on Christmas Eve since Sunday was going to be very busy. The girls had fun opening up most of the gifts- including toys, books, and clothes. Savannah was so excited it was hard to go to sleep, but she eventually went to bed and we wound down and finished a few things for Sunday.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early and finished presents- Savannah and Avery got a large play kitchen, and Daddy’s favorite gift, a restored pedal tractor that belonged to Uncle Chris. Now usually, there is a hunt for big gifts and the all the Copeland’s come over for breakfast, but because Christmas fell on a Sunday, we were doing Church and then lunch with the Copeland side. We did not have much time to do a hunt this year, so it was very abbreviated, and then we got ready to go to church. We took some family pictures before we headed out. After church, we came back and had lunch and gift exchange with the Copeland side.

The girls were very tired after all the festivities. Daniel had Monday and Tuesday off and they were spent mostly recovering from the high paced holiday fun!

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Family Time

I love the holidays- mostly because it allows for much for time with family than normal. There is so much to do this next week, but we will get to spend quality time with family and that makes all the running worth it. Since we won’t have a ton of time to update this next week, I thought I would give a snippet of what we will be doing as well as recap the last week or so.

Avery’s 2 bottom teeth have finally made their appearance. After months of sitting just below the very thin skin in her mouth, she managed to pop them through. Avery will be 11 months old next week. It is hard to believe how fast time is flying. We have started the preparation for her 1st birthday party. I think we will tentatively do it on January 28, 2012 around 6 or so. I am hoping to have invitations done this week so we can get them out when we see family this weekend. Avery is just about ready to take her first steps by herself, but she needs to gain confidence in her balance first. She has been cruising furniture for months and she walks behind toys, but only takes steps if she does not realize it is happening. She eats pretty much everything in sight and is not too picky in terms of trying and eating new foods. We are almost through the “stranger” phase and she has begun to go to other people again. I am so glad that is almost over- my arms were getting really tired of being the only one to hold her.Avery spends most of her day looking at books and pulling them off the bookshelf. She loves when Daniel and I sit on the floor and she will bring a book over and crawl up on our lap. She also loves to play with the big, chunky wooden puzzles that Savannah has. Avery does not go anywhere without her pacifier. This is much different from Savannah who would not ever take one.

Savannah continues to amaze us daily with her ever increasing vocabulary and grasp of syntax. She is working on colors, numbers, and alphabet right now, but she is also very into princesses and loves to watch any of the Disney princess movies. She asks daily to go to Yats! to eat chili cheese etoufee- her favorite meal right now. Some days it is all she can talk about. They are beginning to know her well at the restaurant! She eats almost anything and loves to try new things- Daniel got her to try chicken liver and brussel sprouts the other day.  Now I have to admit, I eat neither or those foods, but I am glad she is willing to try! If she had her way, she would spend every day, all day, in her princess dress pajamas her TiTi Vallie gave her for Christmas.  Savannah enjoys playing alone and does not like when Avery tries to play with her. She is very independent when it comes to playing.

Last Sunday Savannah had the chance to play with a lot of kids at the Dougherty Christmas, but she opted to play by herself most of the time. I think she is used to playing by herself, so she does not know what to do with all those other kids around. It was nice to see, and catch up with, that side of the family. There are always several functions a year, but the Christmas one, with packing boxes for soldiers, is my favorite. We had to leave early this year to get naps in, but we still had fun while we were there.

We will spend most of this week trying to finish wrapping gifts, moving the gifts to Dan’s parent’s house, and putting together the “big” gift for the girls. We still haven’t figured out what to get each other, so as of right now Daniel and I won’t have gifts, but that doesn’t really bother me. If we figure out something we may run out, but I don’t know if I have any desire to go to stores this week. We are staying overnight at Dan’s parents house Christmas Eve after we get back from the Stubb’s Christmas in Bloomington on Saturday. We decided to stay the night to give Savannah the best experience for her first Christmas that she understands what is going on. We didn’t want to have to wake up really early and put the girls in the car to drive over on Sunday morning, so we decided to stay the night. We are so excited for her since this is the first Christmas that she really “gets” the whole Christmas thing. It has been fun to start family traditions of our own that we hope will last through the years.  There is so much to get done between now and Sunday, so hopefully the girls cooperate and let me get work done!

Christmas Pictures

Here are a few Christmas pictures for your enjoyment!

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We will hopefully get some family pictures done soon!


Last Sunday was quite the busy day for us- church, lunch, viewing, etc. that culminating in a trip to Urgent Care.

Avery is quite the little dare devil baby. She climbs cabinets, book cases, step stools- just about anything she can get her hands and feet on to. She likes to throw herself off the couch and definitely test the limits.

On Sunday Avery discovered Christmas stockings. We did not realize that she could reach the stockings that hung on Daniel’s parents mantle. Daniel and I had a veiwing to go to Sunday afternoon so we had asked Dan’s Aunt Joan to come and stay with thte girls at Dan’s parents house while we went out. At our house we don’t have a mantle this year so we have our stockings hanging on the top of our book case where neither girl can reach them. The thought never even crossed my mind on Sunday that she could even reach the bottom of the stockings much less pull them down on top of herself. Most of the stockings were secured to the mantle, but a few were hanging on big brass stocking holders. Avery reached up and got her finger stuck in one of the loops at the bottom of the stocking and pulled the holder down on top of herself. The hole in her head was not bleeding too bad when we got back so we put some neosporin and a bandaid on it and headed out to dinner. While at dinner the bleeding filled up the bandaid so we decided to take her to urgent care just to be safe.

We dropped Savannah off at Aunt Anita’s for a bit so we wouldn’t have to deal with her at the doctor’s office. The Urgent Care was not too busy and they got us in pretty quickly. Avery was a champ at getting her vitals taken and let the nurse mess with her without getting fussy. Her head had stopped bleeding shortly before we arrived at Urgent Care. The doctor came in the room quickly and started to get her history. While we were sitting there, Avery turned to the wall and hit her head on the wall hard enough to make it start bleeding again. She has a thing about tapping her head on surfaces to explore, but she did it much harder and forgot about the huge goose egg on her head. Ouch!

They decided to go ahead and put some stitches into the wound to pull it together better since it was on her forehead and there would be a huge scar if they didn’t. They ended up using the papoose board to hold her down, which was really sad, but they were very quick and she was out in no time. She screamed the entire time, but as soon as they let her out she was just fine. I should have taken off her jacket because it was super hot in the room and I am sure part of it was she was hot.

She is totally fine- in fact, she is very proud of her stitches. Every time she catches sight of them in the mirror she gets a huge smile on her face!

I have never personally had stitches and neither has Savannah, so it was a new experience for me.

Proud Avery


Proud Avery

The stitches a few days later!