Avery got teeth

Sort of. On Sunday morning I realized tha both Avery’s bottom teeth were almost through. That explains a lot. She has been super fussy and clingy the last week and has ended up in our bed every night around 2:30 am. I sleep so awful when she is in bed with us- especially because she is a huge bed hog. She is worse than Savannah! At least at the rate Avery is getting teeth, and the timing, she is on track to have more teeth than Savannah did at one year old. Savannah only had her bottom 2 on her first birthday! Avery and Savannah really love each other. Avery loves to go in and wake up Savannah from her naps, giggling all the way down the hallway until she throws herself onto Savannah’s bed. It always wakes Savannah up with a smile on her face. We also have what we call “family bed”  for just a few minutes each morning. Usually Dan and Savannah are up before Avery and I, but when we wake up Savannah comes running down the hall yelling family bed. Daniel and Savannah climb back into bed with Avery and I. We take just a minute every morning to tell the girls how much we love them and Savannah loves on Avery. It is such a precious time of the day for us. We are so blessed with our girls. Avery loves to follow Savannah around and play with her- she loves her sis. Savannah loves it, for the most part, but can get a little mean when she is “tired” of Avery.

We also had a huge breakthrough last night- Savannah told me she needed to go potty. She has been potty trained for quite some time now, but she had never really told us when she needed to go. We always just took her to the bathroom and made her go based on her liquid consumption. Then, again last night, she told Daniel she had to go potty. I am sure the incentives help, but it is definitley a step in the right direction! She also informed me during breakfast this morning that she needed to go!

We are steaming full speed ahead on the house and there is much to report, but not much in the way of progress this week so I will hold off on updating until later.

So, in the words of a cute little kid named Caleb Smith, I just wanted to say [Avery] got teeth!


2 responses to “Avery got teeth

  • Brittany

    Yay, teeth! You totally need pics with this post of Avery’s teeth and Savannah flushing the toilet with a big grin on her face or something!

  • emmers22185

    I know. I can’t post pictures at work and I rarely remember to go back in and add pictures, but I find I have the most time to blog at work. I did remember last week to come back and add pictures to a previous post. We did a craft today so I did get a few new pictures and I don’t have any of Avery’s teeth yet as they are not through, but hopefully soon!

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