We have been making so much progress on the home front! Yesterday we turned in all the paperwork for the land divide and contracted the well. We should have the well on the property in the next few weeks (whenever we say go ahead). We should hear back soon about the land divide and at that point we can file new deeds on the property and get the well put on. That is the last step before signing with our builder and finalizing our loan. There is so much to be done, but almost all of it is being done simultaneously in the next week or so. We could even be in our house before spring! We are so excited to have “our house” becoming a reality. Yesterday marked a year since we moved to Indiana. It is hard to believe that it has been that long, but we have been so blessed in the last year! We miss being in Ohio, but are so excited for the opportunities we have had here in Indiana. In the last year we have moved twice (3 times if you count moving out of our house in Ohio twice), sold our house, Daniel changed jobs (almost lost it), added Avery Marie to our family, started the process to build a house, bought a minivan, etc.! We look forward to this coming year and so much more!


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