One Small Step for Mankind…

Well, maybe not one small step for mankind, but definitely a step in the right direction for us. We had our zoning board hearing last night and our request for an exemption on the frontage and for exempt subdivision status was GRANTED! Basically what that means is we can bypass the long, very lengthy process of dividing the land so we can build our house. We have been told the process that we can now do could only take 10-14 days! We are not in a huge hurry, but the other process takes months of hearings and notifications (not to mention money).  We are just so excited that building our house is becoming more of a reality. We are so thankful for Daniel’s dad who has done so much work in making this possible (not to mention dividing their land!).  Now we are finalizing things with our builders and lining up the well and septic bids. We have already had the Perk Test samples taken so that was step 1!  We moved to Indiana just about a year ago (Oct. 31) and we are just so excited to start working on permanent housing arrangements! We will be walking through the house we want to build one more time, with Daniel’s parents, on Thursday so we can make our final decision.

Avery will be 9 months this week. It is so hard to believe that that it has already been that long since she arrived. She is now saying “DaDa” (kind of) and she gives high fives and kisses. She is so close to standing on her own and walking. She walks behind her toys and moves between furniture. She has such a great personality and I love to watch her and Savannah interact. They really love eachother! She is pretty much eating table food 100% of the time (other than the occasional jar of baby food for supplement).

Savannah has become quite the character. She loves anything princess and plays “princess” daily. She usually picks one Disney character to be that day and walks around calling herself by that name- Ariel, Booty Beast, Seeping Booty, Pokehantas, or Tangled. She also thinks her name is “Savannah Eugene Clopeland”- she gets the Eugene from Tangled and since her middle name is Jean and sounds similar it must be! 

We went to the zoo again on Monday- we love the Zoo and Savannah loves the dolphin show. We will be going to Zoo Boo on Sunday and Savannah can’t wait to wear her costume that she borrowed from Adria. She will be a lady bug and Avery will be a bee. I will try to remember to get pictures because the costumes are just too cute. If we have time we will go to Trunk or Treat at the Shelbyville Armory on Monday night. It will give us one more reason to let the girls wear their costumes one more time!

Gus is still gone. We have started putting up flyers for him around the area and he might have been sighted just the other day. We are really hoping to get him home before it starts to get too cold. We really miss him.  

I think that is it for now. I will try to add some pictures of recent happenings here soon!


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