Birthdays and the Zoo

So I just wanted to say how much I love the zoo. For the past several years we have invested in a membership so we can visit the zoo all year long. It is defintely a worthwhile investment for us. Yesterday, we went up to the Indianapolis Animal Shelter to look for Gus once more and realized we were just minutes away from the zoo and it was such a nice day that we decided to go take a walk. We took Savannah to the dolphin show for the first time and she LOVED it! It was a beautiful day. Mondays are our “family day” since Daniel works on Saturdays. It is almost always filled with appointments and other errands, so it is a nice reprieve to be able to spend most of the day doing something “fun”. We usually try to do something like going to the park, etc., but it is not the same as spending the whole day doing something together! I am even more excited because we (the girls and I) will be headed back to the zoo on Friday. We were invited by the homeschool group at our church to join them for a field trip. Savannah is really excited because pretty much all of her friends from church will be there. It will be nice to get out and spend the day with some of the families in our church, too!

We stopped by Daryl and Erica’s to get eggs. Savannah loves to go out to the coop and get the eggs out of the nests. She is pretty scared of the rooster though. Whenever he makes noise she always starts saying “scary chicken, monster chicken”. She loves going over to the pet resort and seeing Aunt Erica and Uncle Daryl and the animals. If you ever ask Savannah where eggs come from she will proudly tell you “Erica”!

Avery has been on the move a ton this week. She loves to chase Savannah around and play with all of “Savannah’s” toys. She has been getting tough love on the topic of sharing this week.

We had dessert (everyone else had dinner) on Sunday with the family to celebrate Crysta’s 16th birthday!  Today is Daniel’s dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Papaw. We will be having dinner with them tonight. These are the first in a huge string of birthdays over the next month. It is a good thing that one of Savannah’s favorite phrases is “Happy Birthday”! She has also learned how to shake someone’s hand and say “Nice to meet you. Savannah. (My name is Savannah)” . It is about one of the cutest things I have seen recently.

There is a lot going on this week, but if I write about it now I will have nothing to write about next week.



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