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Birthdays and the Zoo

So I just wanted to say how much I love the zoo. For the past several years we have invested in a membership so we can visit the zoo all year long. It is defintely a worthwhile investment for us. Yesterday, we went up to the Indianapolis Animal Shelter to look for Gus once more and realized we were just minutes away from the zoo and it was such a nice day that we decided to go take a walk. We took Savannah to the dolphin show for the first time and she LOVED it! It was a beautiful day. Mondays are our “family day” since Daniel works on Saturdays. It is almost always filled with appointments and other errands, so it is a nice reprieve to be able to spend most of the day doing something “fun”. We usually try to do something like going to the park, etc., but it is not the same as spending the whole day doing something together! I am even more excited because we (the girls and I) will be headed back to the zoo on Friday. We were invited by the homeschool group at our church to join them for a field trip. Savannah is really excited because pretty much all of her friends from church will be there. It will be nice to get out and spend the day with some of the families in our church, too!

We stopped by Daryl and Erica’s to get eggs. Savannah loves to go out to the coop and get the eggs out of the nests. She is pretty scared of the rooster though. Whenever he makes noise she always starts saying “scary chicken, monster chicken”. She loves going over to the pet resort and seeing Aunt Erica and Uncle Daryl and the animals. If you ever ask Savannah where eggs come from she will proudly tell you “Erica”!

Avery has been on the move a ton this week. She loves to chase Savannah around and play with all of “Savannah’s” toys. She has been getting tough love on the topic of sharing this week.

We had dessert (everyone else had dinner) on Sunday with the family to celebrate Crysta’s 16th birthday!  Today is Daniel’s dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Papaw. We will be having dinner with them tonight. These are the first in a huge string of birthdays over the next month. It is a good thing that one of Savannah’s favorite phrases is “Happy Birthday”! She has also learned how to shake someone’s hand and say “Nice to meet you. Savannah. (My name is Savannah)” . It is about one of the cutest things I have seen recently.

There is a lot going on this week, but if I write about it now I will have nothing to write about next week.



Gus is Gone

I missed posting last week.

Gus, our dog, has been missing since September 9- almost 2 weeks. I look on  Craigslist, Petfinder, and all the shelters around almost every day. We have an ad on Craigslist and we have filed a lost dog report with the local shelter. I am trying to keep up hope that he will come back, but it has been almost 2 weeks and I am starting to think that we will not see him again. I love that dog. He was my Christmas present the first year we were married. Savannah is really missing him too. She now thinks when someone is gone they have run away and are not coming back. It is so sad to hear her talk about him being gone. We will keep looking for him. I have heard of people have their dogs return after months. Daniel had a dog gone for over 6 weeks. There is definitely still a big chance he could come back on his own or we will find him at a shelter. Hopefully, there is someone out there who finds him and calls us- our number is on his collar.

Avery has started to crawl with her belly off the ground all the time and is getting pretty fast at it. She is pulling herself up on furniture and getting into everything!  It is hard to believe that she will be 8 months old in less than a week. She eats EVERYTHING! She is not picky at all and loves to eat table food. Ave is developing quite the personality and is a happy baby almost 100 percent of the time. She is now sleeping pretty much through the night (past 6 am) without nursing. She had her first ear infection last week. Poor Baby! We have finished the round of antibiotics and hopefully she will not be like her sister and have recurring ear infections.

Savannah has become quite imaginative and has increased her vocabulary and syntax. She amazes me daily with her knowledge. She loves to watch movies and sing, and she has become quite the little “mommy” to anything that could be construed as a baby. She loves to help in the kitchen and any time I am doing anything she is right there “watching”.

We are starting to make progress on getting estimates for the house and hopefully will be moving forward soon! We are very excited about the possibility of building a house and having something to call our own again.

Other than the grind of daily life with 2 gorgeous little girls, there is not much going on. We love watching our girls grow and develop.

Here are a few pictures from recently:

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Family Fun

I have decided to start trying to update the blog while I am at work since it seems about the only time that I have to really sit down and update our life. I will try to remember to go back and add pictures when I get home and have a few free seconds.

We headed out to my parents house last week to spend some time with them. Daniel was going to work all week, but ended up getting most of the week off so we could spend some time as a family. We enjoyed just spending time with my Mom and Dad and my brother and sister. We were able to spend some time with my best friend Amber and her husband Jared. We were also able to meet Miss Claire, who is just too stinkin’ cute. It really stinks that we live so far away from them. I really wish we were closer as phone calls are not enough!  We also spent some time at Antietam and Harpers Ferry. Savannah really enjoyed looking around and seeing the different things (even if she did not understand what was going on). We went to a few yard sales with my sister and found a sweet kitchen table.

I can not remember much about the few weeks before we left for my parent’s house, mostly because it was so busy it all seems like a blur, but we had dinner with Grannie and Grandpa, a reunion with the Dougherty’s and we helped Dan’s parents put up 17 dozen ears of corn.

Savannah got invited to her first “real” birthday party that she will be going to on Saturday. She is so excited about the princess party and even got to pick out the gift for Joy. It is so cute how she walks around the house talking about the party. Savannah is now 27 months old! She loves to tell people her name and is quite the talker. She is very friendly (sometimes too friendly for Mommy’s liking!).

Avery has had a lot of milestones these last few weeks. She has been getting around by army crawling for quite some time now, but she is much faster and takes 1 or 2 real crawls at a time now. She is pulling herself up to a standing position and holds on to furniture. She will be walking around on furniture in no time at the rate she is going. She is sitting up and holding herself up very well. She is now taking a bath with Savannah laying on her stomach and loves to splash around in the water. She is eating a ton and has been eating some table foods. Her eyes have almost completely cleared up. We are so thankful for those who have been praying for her. As long as we continue with the progress, we will probably call next week to cancel her surgery! Avery is 7 1/2 months old now. Hard to believe how fast time has flown.

We have been working on exploring our housing options and are getting closer to making some big decisions. We are excited to start the process of owning our own house here in Indiana!

Other than that, we have not had much changes and are enjoying just spending time together as a family.  Please keep me in your prayers as I have been really struggling with Savannah and discipline. She has learned how to push my buttons and I have not been responding as well as I should. I am praying for patience to deal with her appropriately and for my reactions to be calm and effective.

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