Monkey Business

Yesterday was  a big day for us all around. We started the day off with a dentist appointment for Daniel and then headed to the pediatrician for Avery’s 6 month check up. She now weighs 14 lbs 1 oz (8th percentile) and is 25 3/4 (20th percentile). She looks so chunky, but is apparently deceptively petite! She had to get several vaccines, but she was definitley a trooper and had finished crying by the time we walked out of the exam room.

We headed to the Indiana State Fair when we were done with our appointments. Savannah was super excited to see all the animals and especially meet Curious George. She had her picture with him and although she was a little freaked out by the overgrown monkey, she did give him a high five. Avery, on the other hand, was not so sure. We enjoyed very yummy fair food- especially shakes and grilled cheese from the Dairy Bar (Thanks Caleb!!!). It was a very long and tiring day. Both girls were asleep before we pulled out of the fairgrounds. My legs definitely got a good workout yesterday.

We are going to look at a house tonight. Daniel wants to go and look at houses in our price range to make sure there is nothing on the market that we are interested in before deciding and starting the process of building a house. I am more geared towards building, but we are going to look “just to be sure” that we don’t miss something. We are hoping to start the construction process this fall with the spetic and driveway, etc. and get some of the permit stuff out of the way.

Avery is scheduled for her surgery on November 11, 2011. We are hoping that we set it out far enough that her tear duct will have more time to try to correct itself before surgery is needed. It seems to be improving daily.

We are heading out to my parents to visit here soon. We are super excited about going out east to visit family and friends. It has been a while since we went, and with Daniel’s current job position, he can work from pretty much anywhere so it makes it easy to travel whenever we want. The only thing that complicates things is owning pets. The fish are easy- drop in a week feeder, but the dogs are a different story. We will probably end up taking them with us, much to my parent’s chagrin. They are outside dogs and my parents have a smaller yard in a neighborhood with dogs right behind them, so it causes problems with noise, etc.



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