An End to the Heat?

It has been so incredibly hot- pretty much everywhere. Here in Indiana we set a new record for the most days with 90+ degrees heat at over 22 days in a row. This broke the record set in 1936. Despite the heat, we have found respite in our air conditioning units and spending most of our time inside. We are looking forward to the cool down that is coming so we can spend some time outside. We are hoping to take Savannah to the State Fair on Monday after our doctor appointments.

We have not had too much going on, just mostly appointments for doctors, dentists, eye doctors, etc. 

Avery had her follow up appointment with the eye specialist and they have decided to schedule surgery for sometime early fall. I have not gotten a date yet, but we are going to try to push it off for just a bit to give her tear ducts a little more time to clear up on it’s own. The doctor said they will put her to sleep and probe her tear ducts. If the probing clears it and the blockage is not too bad they won’t have to put a stent in to keep it open. We are hoping it is not that bad, but he has assured us to take it out is not hard and an in office procedure if they end up putting one in. The entire surgery will take just a matter of minutes, but she will have to be put under for it. Definitely makes a Momma nervous!

We are hoping to head out east here in a few short weeks to spend some time with my parents and my sister. We haven’t been out since March and I am really looking forward to meeting little Claire! Hopefully, both girls will travel well and it will be a non-eventful trip out there. We are still hoping to find someone to watch the dogs so we don’t have to take them with us.

Dan’s sister, Sarah, leaves for college the same week we are planning to be gone. It is hard to believe how fast the summer has flown by and it is now already August. Schools around here are back in session and I am working now once a week. It is nice to have a routine that we have fallen into. The normalcy is nice for routines of naps and bedtime and ensures happy little girls!

We have really been struggling with sickness in our house the last few weeks. This Momma right here has not gotten a good night’s sleep in over a week. Avery had Roseola last week where she had a high fever for 5 days straight and then she broke out in a full body rash. Glad she is feeling better. The same day Avery’s rash finally went away, Savannah started a series of days with a high fever too. No rash for her, so we are not sure what the problem is, but Motrin and Tylenol have definitley been our friends! Our pediatrician’s office has called every day for the last 3 days to check on her- kind of nice.

Other than that, I don’t think there is anything new with us!


One response to “An End to the Heat?

  • Beck

    It seems when they get sick- it’s back-to-back again and again and feels like it’ll *never* end. Poor kiddo- I hope her tear ducts get worked out, I know that must weigh heavy on Momma’s heart. Hang in there…

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