Nothing New

There is not much to update about, which I guess is actually a good thing. We have been pretty low key these last few weeks. I will try to hit some highlights, but I am mostly posting to update some pictures.

First, I will put some pictures up of Savannah on her first day wearing “big girl” underwear. I am not sure she really understood what it was for! This is how she wore her underwear all that first day! We have been going strong for about a month with very minimal accidents. She is very proud to be a big girl and reminds Avery all the time of how “gucko” it is to be wearing a diaper. She has been increasing her vocabulary each day and surprises us with the things she says. She and Avery have become much more lovey dovey to each other and spend a lot of time squeezing and kissing each other, as well as playing with each other. It has been hard for Savannah since she does not really like to share her toys with Avery. The cup thing has become our biggest problem. Avery wants Savannah’s cup and Savannah wants to drink out of Avery’s bottle. It is quite funny to watch Avery go after Savannah’s cup and how mad it makes Savannah!

Daniel decided to go fly Savannah’s kite one windy day. The pictures explain it all! (He broke said kite that day too). He attached the fishing line to the end of the kite and let it out! He had a lot of fun doing it and said he could “make big money” selling his idea. I am not so sure about that. Savannah enjoyed watching him fly her kite that day  and pranced about the yard until a monster storm blew in.

Avery had a weight check last week and is now up to 13 lbs 4 oz at about 5 1/2 months. I thought to myself that she was doing great, but then all my friends babies that were born 3 weeks after her are at least 2 pounds bigger than her and my best friends baby is quickly catching up. She is healthy and happy and that is all that matters, but she is petite! She   is eating baby food now (that I made!) and is pretty mobile. She is almost up on all 4’s crawling around, but for the most part she army crawls. She will be on one end of the room and just a few seconds later be headed down the hallway. Avery has taken an aversion to going to sleep which has not helped Mommy. She used to be ok being put in her crib awake to fall asleep, but now all she does is scream, which has made bedtime quite the challenge. Savannah and Avery now share a bedroom so it is hard to have them both go to sleep all at once. Savannah wakes up Avery and vice versa. We are slowly working this out. Avery is also quite the thumb sucker, much to my dismay, but she does still take a pacifier and we pull the fingers out whenever we see it.

We are getting settled in and I don’t think I have unpacked any boxes in the last few weeks 🙂 Just some minor adjustments and organizing of the garage is all we have left to do. We are settling in to our new home and adjusting to being so far away from stores, etc. We try to combine trips to make the most of our trips to town. We have only bought gas once for the van in almost 3 weeks!

Here are some pictures from the last few months!


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