Potty Learned!

Savannah has officially learned to use the potty. I was definitely doubting myself after the first day as to if I had tried to force it without waiting til she was ready, but other than the first 2 days we have had mostly minimal or no accident days. She has not had any accidents overnight either. She definitely provided Dan and I with some comic relief during the first few days. If I have some time I will post pictures as explanations will not do the situation justice. There were times when we found ourselves rolling on the floor as we spent some quality time with her those first few days. She loves her big girl underwear! Now we just have one in diapers!

My parents were here this last weekend to help me unpack and move some more things. It was nice to spend time with them and for them to see the girls. They are growing so fast. Avery has moved into the stage where she definitely recognizes Dan and I, and so every time I would hand her off she would start reaching back for me to take her.

While mom was here I had her cut my hair. I decided to go ahead and donate my hair since it was so long and there are many good organizations that collect hair for cancer patients. I ended up cutting off a little over 10 inches to donate through Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign. I have a lot of family that have been personally affected and try to donate as often as I can. This was my third time donating since my freshman year of college.

Yesterday was my first day of work in a long time and Aunt Nita came over to watch the girls. Savannah was very good for her with no accidents and Avery was not fussy at all. Definitely makes me feel better about picking up a few more shifts next month.

Tomorrow we will spend the morning with some friends at church who have 2 little girls about the same age as Savannah and Avery. Yay for play dates and some adult conversation!

There is still a bunch of stuff to get from Dan’s Mom and Dad’s house, but mostly what is left will not be unpacked, but stored in the garage until we decide where we are going from here. I definitely do not want to unpack everything if we are going to be moving in the next year.


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