New and exciting things!

Our house got it’s inspection and passed except for a few minor issues that can be quickly fixed! The roof still needs to be inspected by the insurance company so we have filed a claim and are waiting for the report on hail damage. We think we have found a place to rent in Indiana in the mean time until we decide to buy a house or more likely build. We have met with several builders at this point and are just trying to find the one that fits our budget the best.

The girls both had check ups today. Savannah weighed 26 lbs 12 oz and is 35 inches tall at her 2 year appointment. She did so well (except for getting weighed in the beginning). Avery weighs 12 lbs 7 oz and is 24 in. tall. She is a little on the light side so they will re-check her weight next month to see how she is progressing. There is not too much to worry about at this point, but they want to keep an eye on it. We will also be adding cereal to her diet this month and if all goes well baby food in the next month or 2. It will be fun to add in baby food since I am determined to make our own baby food for the most part this time! We will see how that goes with having 2, but I am optimistic! The girls are growing up way too fast!

Our good friends Brittany and Jeff Sampson will most likely welcome Wyatt Andrew into the world today! We are so happy for them and they will make great parents!!!!


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