Two, Tubing, and Tangled

This last week or so we have been incredibly busy! I will try to start at the beginning.

We got an offer on our house last Monday and by Tuesday we were under contract. Unfortunately, a horrible hail storm blew through Indiana and Ohio last Wednesday and the roof probably has hail damage. We have the whole house inspection today, so hopefully, other than the roof, we won’t have to fix anything before closing. We have to close before the 30th (which is only 29 days) and we have yet to figure out if we are going to build, buy, or rent. We have to still figure out where we are putting all the stuff that is still in the house to store it and when we will be able to get it all! But we are so thankful that it finally sold!!!!

Thursday night Savannah had her 2 year old pictures. They turned out so good!

Friday night Daniel’s sister Sarah graduated from high school and we were able to attend and celebrate with her. We headed out to Ohio to stay for the weekend late Friday night.

Saturday we spent the day with my Mom and Dad, Valerie, and Amy’s family. It was nice just to hang out with everyone and relax. Sunday we went to church at Calvary and saw our friends and then went out to lunch with my family. My aunt and uncle drove in for the night and we spent the evening playing cards and catching up! Savannah loves spending time with her cousins.We got Savannah a cake and she opened all her birthday presents. Hard to believe she turned 2!

Monday we headed to the annual lake bash in the morning. Savannah was a little scared to get out on the boat, but she finally calmed down and watched Daddy and Daniel Matthews water ski. Avery pretty much slept the whole time. Savannah went out with me on the tube and rode it for a while. She seemed like she liked it, and rode until I made her get off because the water was getting too choppy and I was afraid I was going to let go and she would go in the water. She talked about the tube all day! We got to see a bunch of our friends before we had to leave. We had lunch with family and Savannah played outside in the hose with her cousins.

We came home on Tuesday and went fishing after we got all our stuff unpacked.

The weather was so nice all weekend! We must have watched Tangled at least 10 times in the last few days (no exaggeration here!) as it is Savannah’s favorite movie!

I think that is all in the way of news.


2 responses to “Two, Tubing, and Tangled

  • jacqueline

    sounds like a great, long wknd! praying your house won’t need any work before inspection. inspections are so nerve wracking.. love checking up on your blog! the girls are so cute! 🙂

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