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Potty Learned!

Savannah has officially learned to use the potty. I was definitely doubting myself after the first day as to if I had tried to force it without waiting til she was ready, but other than the first 2 days we have had mostly minimal or no accident days. She has not had any accidents overnight either. She definitely provided Dan and I with some comic relief during the first few days. If I have some time I will post pictures as explanations will not do the situation justice. There were times when we found ourselves rolling on the floor as we spent some quality time with her those first few days. She loves her big girl underwear! Now we just have one in diapers!

My parents were here this last weekend to help me unpack and move some more things. It was nice to spend time with them and for them to see the girls. They are growing so fast. Avery has moved into the stage where she definitely recognizes Dan and I, and so every time I would hand her off she would start reaching back for me to take her.

While mom was here I had her cut my hair. I decided to go ahead and donate my hair since it was so long and there are many good organizations that collect hair for cancer patients. I ended up cutting off a little over 10 inches to donate through Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign. I have a lot of family that have been personally affected and try to donate as often as I can. This was my third time donating since my freshman year of college.

Yesterday was my first day of work in a long time and Aunt Nita came over to watch the girls. Savannah was very good for her with no accidents and Avery was not fussy at all. Definitely makes me feel better about picking up a few more shifts next month.

Tomorrow we will spend the morning with some friends at church who have 2 little girls about the same age as Savannah and Avery. Yay for play dates and some adult conversation!

There is still a bunch of stuff to get from Dan’s Mom and Dad’s house, but mostly what is left will not be unpacked, but stored in the garage until we decide where we are going from here. I definitely do not want to unpack everything if we are going to be moving in the next year.



The last few weeks have been nothing short of insanity! We had very little time, once the inspections went through, to get our stuff out of our house in Ohio for a closing that got moved up a week and a half. Thankfully everything went smoothly and we were able to get all our stuff from Ohio with no major problems. We drove out on Friday evening (June 17th) to fix some minor things and finish packing out the house. We signed the closing paperwork on Saturday morning and loaded up 3 trailers full of stuff to bring home. Thankfully, the rain held off until pretty much all the furniture was covered with tarps. It stopped raining just in time to unload the stuff into our new rental here in Indiana. We had so much help and we are so appreciative of all the people who helped with the move. We quickly bought appliances last week so we could move in this week and cleaned the house so it would be ready to move all our stuff in. Dan’s parents have been amazing in helping with the cleaning and the moving. We are finally getting settled in (other than a problem with the internet) and getting into a routine. We set up internet, but it has not been working properly (which is a problem for Daniel as he works from home) so he has been working out of McDonald’s using the wi-fi. The technicians are supposed to come fix the problem tomorrow and so we should be good to go for Saturday.

My parents are coming out on Saturday to help us unpack and finish moving the last of our stuff. We still have a decent amount of furniture and boxes at Daniel’s parents house that we are hoping to move on Sunday. We are praying for nice weather. I also realized today that we forgot Savannah’s fish at Mamaw and Papaw’s house and so the fish has not been fed since Monday night. Sarah will feed them tonight.

We went “real” grocery shopping last night for the first time in 7 months. We left the girls with Dan’s mom and dad so we could have a “date” and shop much faster than normal. It still took us an hour and a half, but we had to get all those little things that are always there when you need them like ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.

As if I did not have enough to do this week with the unpacking, I decided this morning to start potty training Savannah. I am a glutton for punishment I guess. Other than a few, but expected accidents it is going pretty well. I made her throw away all her diapers this morning (except for the cloth ones which would be very expensive to replace and she and Avery share them) and put her straight into underwear. Then, I pretty much made her carry around 3 cups of water/juice all day and drink, drink, drink. Insane, I know.There were plenty of funny moments this morning, especially when Savannah was walking around with swim goggles on her head, a crown on top of them, and her hand down in the leg holes of the underwear she was wearing pretty much pulling them up to her nipples. It was quite a sight!

Not much has changed with Avery. She is definitely growing. Hard to believe, but she will be 5 months old next week. It appears that one of the two clogged tear ducts has resolved itself and so now we are just hoping the other one will too. She is army crawling across the floor and tries to eat everything in sight. She has eaten so much “real” food that she has stolen. She somehow manages to swallow stuff before I can get in to pull it out. She loves to eat cereal and even tries to feed herself. I see baby food in the near future, but I am trying to hold off as long as possible.

I am sure I am missing a lot of important things that have happened, but I am sure there are boxes that need to be unpacked somewhere and I should probably capitalize on the fact that both girls were in bed by 7:30 tonight.

New and exciting things!

Our house got it’s inspection and passed except for a few minor issues that can be quickly fixed! The roof still needs to be inspected by the insurance company so we have filed a claim and are waiting for the report on hail damage. We think we have found a place to rent in Indiana in the mean time until we decide to buy a house or more likely build. We have met with several builders at this point and are just trying to find the one that fits our budget the best.

The girls both had check ups today. Savannah weighed 26 lbs 12 oz and is 35 inches tall at her 2 year appointment. She did so well (except for getting weighed in the beginning). Avery weighs 12 lbs 7 oz and is 24 in. tall. She is a little on the light side so they will re-check her weight next month to see how she is progressing. There is not too much to worry about at this point, but they want to keep an eye on it. We will also be adding cereal to her diet this month and if all goes well baby food in the next month or 2. It will be fun to add in baby food since I am determined to make our own baby food for the most part this time! We will see how that goes with having 2, but I am optimistic! The girls are growing up way too fast!

Our good friends Brittany and Jeff Sampson will most likely welcome Wyatt Andrew into the world today! We are so happy for them and they will make great parents!!!!

Two, Tubing, and Tangled

This last week or so we have been incredibly busy! I will try to start at the beginning.

We got an offer on our house last Monday and by Tuesday we were under contract. Unfortunately, a horrible hail storm blew through Indiana and Ohio last Wednesday and the roof probably has hail damage. We have the whole house inspection today, so hopefully, other than the roof, we won’t have to fix anything before closing. We have to close before the 30th (which is only 29 days) and we have yet to figure out if we are going to build, buy, or rent. We have to still figure out where we are putting all the stuff that is still in the house to store it and when we will be able to get it all! But we are so thankful that it finally sold!!!!

Thursday night Savannah had her 2 year old pictures. They turned out so good!

Friday night Daniel’s sister Sarah graduated from high school and we were able to attend and celebrate with her. We headed out to Ohio to stay for the weekend late Friday night.

Saturday we spent the day with my Mom and Dad, Valerie, and Amy’s family. It was nice just to hang out with everyone and relax. Sunday we went to church at Calvary and saw our friends and then went out to lunch with my family. My aunt and uncle drove in for the night and we spent the evening playing cards and catching up! Savannah loves spending time with her cousins.We got Savannah a cake and she opened all her birthday presents. Hard to believe she turned 2!

Monday we headed to the annual lake bash in the morning. Savannah was a little scared to get out on the boat, but she finally calmed down and watched Daddy and Daniel Matthews water ski. Avery pretty much slept the whole time. Savannah went out with me on the tube and rode it for a while. She seemed like she liked it, and rode until I made her get off because the water was getting too choppy and I was afraid I was going to let go and she would go in the water. She talked about the tube all day! We got to see a bunch of our friends before we had to leave. We had lunch with family and Savannah played outside in the hose with her cousins.

We came home on Tuesday and went fishing after we got all our stuff unpacked.

The weather was so nice all weekend! We must have watched Tangled at least 10 times in the last few days (no exaggeration here!) as it is Savannah’s favorite movie!

I think that is all in the way of news.