Savannah Jean is 2!!!

So hard to believe, but it is true- Savannah Jean is turning 2 on Saturday. I thought I would take a little time to relive the day that changed our lives forever!

I have to start on Tuesday for a little back story. I went to see my OB on Tuesday and she informed me that labor had started, but was progressing slow and normal. She gave me the option that if labor had not picked up by Thursday morning she would go ahead and have me come to the hospital to induce me.

Thursday morning around 8 we grabbed our bags, the baby’s bag and car seat, and loaded up the car for the last time as a family of 2. When I arrived at the hospital we were admitted and taken to the room to start the induction. When we got to the hospital I was already 3 cm and progressing so my doctor decided just to go ahead with the pitocin and monitored the baby. About noon she came in and broke my water and things were moving along nicely. Daniel and I spent the afternoon watching movies and napping waiting to see if we were going to be welcoming a little boy or a little girl. The nurse had us wondering if it was a boy or not because she kept referring to the baby as a “he” and we wondered if she knew. Shortly after breaking my water the baby’s heart rate started to decelerate and they ended up hooking the baby to an internal monitor and doing an amnioinfusion to keep the baby comfortable. About 7pm the nurse came in and told me that if I wanted an epidural I would need to do it very soon as the anesthesiologist was about to get very busy. I opted for the epidural and Daniel did fine sitting in the room with me so they let him stay. The Dr. came in and checked and I was at around 7 cm (had been there since early afternoon). Shortly after getting the epidural my heart rate started to go up and down and then the baby started to show signs of distress. Every few minutes there were a ton of  nurses rushing in and flipping me over from one side to the other trying to keep the baby out of distress. Around 9pm my Dr. came in and talked with us and we decided that a c-section would be the best way to keep the baby safe as I was getting tired and was getting tired of constantly being flipped over. They came and prepped me for surgery and Dan was given a nifty outfit to put on. As I got to the OR, I started to throw up all of the stuff they had given me right before wheeling me into the room. The poor anesthesiologist had been puked on by the last 2 women. He just shrugged it off and cleaned me up while I laid there. Because they were in a little bit of a hurry to get the baby out, they didn’t put up a sheet or anything and started before Daniel was brought in. Poor Dan had to walk right by my stomach being sliced open and could see the entire thing the whole time. Thankfully, Daniel didn’t get sick and throw up or pass out. At 9:30 pm the Dr. announced “Its a girl” as she pulled our precious bundle out. She asked us the baby’s name and we said “Savannah Marie”. She was 7 lbs 7 oz, and 19 1/2 inches long. Come to find out Savannah was facing up and was wedged in my pelvis. There was no way she was coming out and her positioning explained the failure to progress past 7 cm. I got to hold her (as much as I could being completely numb from the neck down) and Daniel stayed with the baby through her first bath and trip to the nursery while they sewed me up and then came back to sit with me. They took me to the recovery room and Daniel left to go get our parents. As he was leaving I started to shout- “Her name is Savannah Jean! I just got cut open for that and she is going to have MY middle name”.  Daniel said he got some pretty funny looks from the nurses when he was walking out to get our parents. I spent a couple hours in recovery constantly being checked on (I am a shallow breather when I am sleeping and kept setting off the oxygen sensor) and all I wanted to do was sleep, but the nurses kept waking me up to make sure I wasn’t dead. I couldn’t hold Savannah, much less nurse, because I was completely numb from the neck down, so we sent her to the nursery for a few hours so I could get some sleep. About 2 am I finally made it to my room. They brought Savannah to me around 6 am and I finally got to nurse and spend some quality time with her. About 9 am I was able to get up out of bed and get a shower before we started to get visitors. We were showered with love by friends and family who stopped by to meet Savannah Jean. We spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the hospital until we were able to go home as a family of three!


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