Sick and Tired

So today will be a quick post since Savannah is sick and Mommy and Daddy are very tired.

Thursday I cut Daniel’s hair for the first time, since he told me he refused to get his hair cut until I agreed to cut it myself.

Friday, I went to work for the first time in a while and got a nice break from the kids.

Saturday night Savannah started running a fever which continually got higher as Sunday progressed. We did go to church and out to eat on Sunday, but she kept getting more and more pitiful, so Sunday night we took her to Urgent Care. They told us it was some kind of virus and to see our pediatrician. Yesterday, we took her to the doctor and she might possibly have rosiola, but it can only be diagnosed after the fever goes away if a rash shows up. Right now we have no idea, but the only symptom she has is a high fever. Hopefully soon it will break and Dan and I will get some sleep tonight.

Tomorrow, Avery has her appointment with the eye specialist. Hopefully, they can find the problem and it will be easily corrected. Keep her in your prayers please- we are hoping they will not have to stent or probe her tear ducts tomorrow.

We are still waiting for someone to come along to buy our house. We have an open house this weekend and hopefully someone will want it. Pray hard!

We are anxiously awaiting of the birth of Claire- to Amber and Jared! Hopefully she will arrive today or tomorrow! We are so excited for them!

I will try to update later this week on Savannah and Avery, but I think that is all that has happened in the last week or so. We have been pretty non-eventful and I would like to keep it that way!


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