Ohio and a Montana

Wow! This last week has been so busy for us. I will try to start at the beginning.

Sunday, Easter, was a spent with family. We heard a very challenging message at church and then came home and ate lunch with some of the Stubbs family.

We went and picked up our new van on Monday- a Pontiac Montana SV6. So far, it has really met our needs as a fuel efficient, but bigger vehicle. We are now a one car family since Daniel works from home and there are not many reasons we can justify the expense of having two vehicles.

I had been struggling with some muscle pain since last Saturday and so Monday I went to urgent care and the chiropractor, and Tuesday I ended up in the ER for it. Finally, after several adjustments and some medication the pain finally subsided on this past Saturday.  I might have even told a nurse at the ER that the pain was worse than when I was in labor with Savannah, which is true, but surprising.  I am so thankful that it finally went away.

Wednesday, I met my sister in Richmond, Indiana to drop off Savannah. From what we can tell, Savannah had a great time with her Mamies and Nana, Mare, and Zion. She was even a little disappointed to see us on Friday, I think, since she was upset that she couldn’t stay with Amy on Friday night.

On Friday, Dan and I drove out to spend the weekend in Ohio and pick up Savannah. Dan had to work on Saturday, but after work we took Savannah, Ayanna, and Amaris (and Avery of course) to get pizza and then to Young’s Dairy for ice cream and putt putt golf. The girls had never been and had a great time. I don’t think Savannah really understood the game and kept picking up her ball and putting it in the hole. She did, however, once actually putt the ball into the hole and got excited, then she forgot and just carried her ball for the next several holes!

Sunday, we had lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Sampson, Daniel, Jeff and Brittany. It was nice to have lunch “like old times” with them. The girls and I enjoyed a very long and restful nap and then we headed to David and Lyn’s house with dinner. It was so great to meet Isabel and see her cute face in person!

After a very long week we are home and looking forward to a very non-eventful week. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks!

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