Calm before the storm?

This last week has been relatively uneventful. We have started, very casually, looking for a minivan replace our Suburban. I never realized how much I hate shopping for cars, especially with 2 babies who don’t enjoy it either. Hopefully the right vehicle will come along and hit us in the face. We have a showing on our house again tomorrow- hopefully we get some good feedback or even better the people want the house. We are definitely praying hard. We would love to get the house sold so we can start making decisions about where we are going to live here in Indiana.

Our very good friends had their baby, Isabel Tate Sampson, this week. She is beautiful. We can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks!

Avery has her appointment with the heart doctor this week for her murmur. We are pretty sure it is just a thing she will grow out of and not concerned, but are praying for it to be nothing- just in case! Emily had a murmur when she was a baby and grew out of it, so most likely it is our pediatrician just being cautious.

Other than that, there is not much news to report. Which I guess, in a way, is actually a good thing. We are going car shopping a little more tomorrow on Dan’s day off, and then the rest of the week will be pretty uneventful. We are looking forward to Easter and spending time with lots of family this coming weekend. It will be the first Easter that Savannah actually understands what is going on. If you ask Savannah what happened to Jesus she replies “boo-boo”, and if you ask her where Jesus is now she replies “Heaven”. I think she is really starting to understand her bedtime stories and remember parts of Bible stories. I am sure she is looking forward to her Easter basket, even though I don’t think she really knows she will be getting one.

I took some new pictures of the girls the other day when it was nice, but haven’t had a chance to upload them. When I do I will get more pictures up for your viewing pleasure!

If anyone has any input about mini vans- pros, cons, and little quirks that we should pay attention to- we are open to all comments!


One response to “Calm before the storm?

  • Becky Dennison

    It never hurts to triple check the things they’ll probably grow out of. Proactive beats reactive. I don’t know a thing about minivans, though- sorry! Love the blog, outlets are amazing!

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