Crepes and Cloth

So as promised I am posting the pictures of the cloth diapers we are using. We love them!

One great thing about Daniel working from home all the time is that we can eat breakfast as a family. This morning I made an especially yummy breakfast so I am posting pictures. Savannah especially enjoyed the crepes(ish) that I made. She even licked her plate clean!

Yesterday Avery had her 2 month appointment and is growing great! She is now 11 lbs 6 oz and in the 60th percentile for all her measurements. We do have to make appointments with 2 specialists. She is going to see an ophthalmologist as her tear ducts are blocked and her eyes constantly water. They have started to be chapped all the time and look very uncomfortable so the Pediatrician would feel better if she saw someone for them. She also might have a slight murmur in her heart and as a precaution is going to get an echo cardiogram sometime here soon. At this point they are not worried, just being precautious. She is a very happy and healthy little baby. Avery started sleeping in her big girl crib this past weekend and has been sleeping like a champ. We are almost up to the 8 hour stretch!!!!

Savannah is getting to be a very loving and gentle (sometimes) sissy who loves to comfort her sister when crying. She always pats Avery’s tummy and says “k”. It is so cute and sweet!

We took Sugar to the vet yesterday and she is officially heart worm free! They went away all on their own. We were told 4 years ago she was going to die soon and here she is- still alive and showing no signs of slowing down!

My parents are going to be in Ohio this coming weekend so we are going to take a trip out there to see them, help my sister move, and finish some projects on the house. We could use continued prayer that the right person will come along and buy the house. We know God will answer prayers in His time, but we would really love this one answered soon! We are getting a bit impatient.

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2 responses to “Crepes and Cloth

  • Jessica La

    Very cool that you can have breakfast together…. I love that on the weekends. BTW g diapers are so cool! I am using them for Sarah now, and really like them. Did you get the actual g diaper inserts or are you using regular prefolds?

    • emmers22185

      We did buy the actual gdiaper inserts (we got 12 in each size) but I have heard that prefolds work in them too! We also bought a pack of the flushable ones so we can still cloth while we go out! I love, love, love them! I have been getting a ton on (* recommended to me by a friend) and buying the actual diaper part for anywhere from $6 to $12 each which saves a bunch of money for us! We use them for Savannah too since Avery will eventually need that size too! I have been trying to buy gender neutral ones so we can continue to use them for future babies, but the pink ones are too cute! I have about 9 small covers and only 2 of each of the med and large (I am diligently looking online to get more in those sizes when the right deal comes along) which works for now since Savannah does not go through too many of them.

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