Cold with a chance of visitors

We went to Owen County Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon and man was it cold! We had fun playing games, fishing, and relaxing, but wish the weather had been warmer so we could have had more outdoor fun. Now that we live much closer we can go down more often which roughly equates to MORE FISHING!!!! Have I mentioned I love to fish? We came home just in time because Dad, Mom, and Sarah (and Aly) stayed one more day and it snowed on Wednesday morning and was way cold!

Thursday Mrs. Sampson (aka Mimi), Mrs. Varvel, and Mrs. Gifford drove out to visit us. We had sweet, but way too short fellowship. We definitely miss all the people we love in Ohio! We will hopefully be heading out that way in the middle of April- we have some spring cleaning and some planting to be done at the Xenia house.

I finally picked up a shift at work so I will go back for my “once a month” shift on April 15th. It has been almost 4 months since I worked- hard to believe how fast this new year is flying by.

Avery is now 9 weeks old and growing so big. She has a smile the size of Texas and dimples to boot. Savannah is settling into her role as “Big Sister” and is starting to help. We have implemented some new training tools with her to help with some behavior issues we have had since Avery was born. It is hard to split time between 2 sweet baby girls and we definitely are learning how to spread our attention.

I think that is it for the last week- here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. I know I still owe some of the cute baby buns with our cloth diapers, but I haven’t uploaded pictures- I will get some up hopefully next week when things settle down.

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