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Sitting here this morning, I have been thinking a lot about all the things I am thankful for. I am thankful for my amazing family and friends. I am thankful for a roof over my head and a vehicle to take me places. I am thankful that God provides. Most of all I am thankful for Christ’s work on the cross.  Christ became sin for me, took the blame, and bore the wrath so I could be forgiven. What a powerful message. “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he has risen as he said.”  Were it not for the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, I would not have the promise of an eternity in Heaven with Him. My name is written in His wounds. “It is Finished” is our victory cry!

This week we had an answer to prayer- Avery’s will grow out of her heart murmur with no problems. The results were “normal” for her age! We thank God daily for his many blessings. We are still having some problems with Avery’s eyes, but she will see the specialist on May 11. Hoping we will get some answers then.

We have found a van that will fit our family’s needs more and will be getting it on Monday. We will be downsizing to one car, but for now it will save us money and we don’t really need 2 vehicles with Dan working from home. God provides!

Savannah is going to stay with my sister in Ohio for a few days this week. Pray for Daniel and I as she has not been away from us (other than when Avery was born) for more than 1 night, and she is going to be far away too! We will drop her off on Wednesday and then head to Ohio on Friday for the weekend to spend time with some friends and meet Baby Isabel! We can’t wait!


Calm before the storm?

This last week has been relatively uneventful. We have started, very casually, looking for a minivan replace our Suburban. I never realized how much I hate shopping for cars, especially with 2 babies who don’t enjoy it either. Hopefully the right vehicle will come along and hit us in the face. We have a showing on our house again tomorrow- hopefully we get some good feedback or even better the people want the house. We are definitely praying hard. We would love to get the house sold so we can start making decisions about where we are going to live here in Indiana.

Our very good friends had their baby, Isabel Tate Sampson, this week. She is beautiful. We can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks!

Avery has her appointment with the heart doctor this week for her murmur. We are pretty sure it is just a thing she will grow out of and not concerned, but are praying for it to be nothing- just in case! Emily had a murmur when she was a baby and grew out of it, so most likely it is our pediatrician just being cautious.

Other than that, there is not much news to report. Which I guess, in a way, is actually a good thing. We are going car shopping a little more tomorrow on Dan’s day off, and then the rest of the week will be pretty uneventful. We are looking forward to Easter and spending time with lots of family this coming weekend. It will be the first Easter that Savannah actually understands what is going on. If you ask Savannah what happened to Jesus she replies “boo-boo”, and if you ask her where Jesus is now she replies “Heaven”. I think she is really starting to understand her bedtime stories and remember parts of Bible stories. I am sure she is looking forward to her Easter basket, even though I don’t think she really knows she will be getting one.

I took some new pictures of the girls the other day when it was nice, but haven’t had a chance to upload them. When I do I will get more pictures up for your viewing pleasure!

If anyone has any input about mini vans- pros, cons, and little quirks that we should pay attention to- we are open to all comments!


Last weekend we went to Ohio to help my sister and her family move. It was a lot of work, but we got to spend time with my family. Savannah had a blast playing with her cousins, and she even got to stay the night with them on Saturday night. We also got to spend time with my parents who drove out to help.

We also spent some time working on the house. We painted the bathroom ceiling, planted new flowers, and painted trim. We also cleaned the house really good. We are hoping to have an open house in the next few weeks.

We will probably be heading back out to Ohio the first weekend in May to finish up some stuff and spend more time visiting with friends. This visit did not allow much time for that, so we are going to make another trip soon!

Crepes and Cloth

So as promised I am posting the pictures of the cloth diapers we are using. We love them!

One great thing about Daniel working from home all the time is that we can eat breakfast as a family. This morning I made an especially yummy breakfast so I am posting pictures. Savannah especially enjoyed the crepes(ish) that I made. She even licked her plate clean!

Yesterday Avery had her 2 month appointment and is growing great! She is now 11 lbs 6 oz and in the 60th percentile for all her measurements. We do have to make appointments with 2 specialists. She is going to see an ophthalmologist as her tear ducts are blocked and her eyes constantly water. They have started to be chapped all the time and look very uncomfortable so the Pediatrician would feel better if she saw someone for them. She also might have a slight murmur in her heart and as a precaution is going to get an echo cardiogram sometime here soon. At this point they are not worried, just being precautious. She is a very happy and healthy little baby. Avery started sleeping in her big girl crib this past weekend and has been sleeping like a champ. We are almost up to the 8 hour stretch!!!!

Savannah is getting to be a very loving and gentle (sometimes) sissy who loves to comfort her sister when crying. She always pats Avery’s tummy and says “k”. It is so cute and sweet!

We took Sugar to the vet yesterday and she is officially heart worm free! They went away all on their own. We were told 4 years ago she was going to die soon and here she is- still alive and showing no signs of slowing down!

My parents are going to be in Ohio this coming weekend so we are going to take a trip out there to see them, help my sister move, and finish some projects on the house. We could use continued prayer that the right person will come along and buy the house. We know God will answer prayers in His time, but we would really love this one answered soon! We are getting a bit impatient.

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Cold with a chance of visitors

We went to Owen County Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon and man was it cold! We had fun playing games, fishing, and relaxing, but wish the weather had been warmer so we could have had more outdoor fun. Now that we live much closer we can go down more often which roughly equates to MORE FISHING!!!! Have I mentioned I love to fish? We came home just in time because Dad, Mom, and Sarah (and Aly) stayed one more day and it snowed on Wednesday morning and was way cold!

Thursday Mrs. Sampson (aka Mimi), Mrs. Varvel, and Mrs. Gifford drove out to visit us. We had sweet, but way too short fellowship. We definitely miss all the people we love in Ohio! We will hopefully be heading out that way in the middle of April- we have some spring cleaning and some planting to be done at the Xenia house.

I finally picked up a shift at work so I will go back for my “once a month” shift on April 15th. It has been almost 4 months since I worked- hard to believe how fast this new year is flying by.

Avery is now 9 weeks old and growing so big. She has a smile the size of Texas and dimples to boot. Savannah is settling into her role as “Big Sister” and is starting to help. We have implemented some new training tools with her to help with some behavior issues we have had since Avery was born. It is hard to split time between 2 sweet baby girls and we definitely are learning how to spread our attention.

I think that is it for the last week- here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. I know I still owe some of the cute baby buns with our cloth diapers, but I haven’t uploaded pictures- I will get some up hopefully next week when things settle down.

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