So… totally not looking forward to the 2 inches of snow they are calling for tomorrow night. We had such a nice week playing outside for several hours a day in the 70 degree weather. What happened? We are headed on “Spring Break” on Sunday and it is not looking like fishing weather. I think the fish are going to be too frozen to bite 😦 We are only going out of town for a few days, but I wish it was calling for nicer weather. I need the warmer weather to come- I am tired of the cold and the warmer weather and sunshine has helped with having a lot of “better” days the last few weeks.

We have some very special people coming to visit next week- Mrs. Sampson (Mimi), Mrs. Varvel, and Mrs. Gifford. I can’t wait to spend some time with them! We really miss all our friends out in Ohio, so it will be nice to get a visit from them!

I worked out for the first time yesterday on the treadmill for the first time since my c-section, actually for the first time since probably the summer. I really lost my motivation after the summer was done and I was 4 months pregnant. My shins are  screaming at me today, but my stomach didn’t feel like it was going to split in half so that is definitely a good thing. I think sometimes I forget (a lot of times) that I had major surgery just 8 weeks ago and push myself to do too much.

For those who have been praying for Avery’s bowel problems- we had a little breakthrough earlier this week but have stalled again. We could use prayers for some regulation for her. She is definitely uncomfortable and more fussy than normal. She turned 8 weeks old yesterday. I can’t believe it has been 8 weeks since she unexpectedly made her entrance into this world. She definitely gave us a little scare that day, but she has been such a blessing in our lives- all the drama, fear, and excitement day was totally worth it.

Not much has been is going on, but I wanted to update before we go away for the weekend and I won’t have a chance to get on until later next week.


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