Beautiful. It perfectly describes the weather yesterday. Yesterday was our “Saturday” and we were very busy. First, we took the girls to get their Easter pictures together. Avery was not too excited about the pictures, but we managed to get several of her that worked. Savannah on the other hand is a “cheese” bug and performed very well yesterday.  Overall the pictures turned out so cute! I can’t wait until they are ready to be picked up later next week. We ate lunch at Yats and then headed over to the pet resort to visit Aunt Erica for a little bit. Savannah got to see Daphne and Echo and all the chickens. She really liked “Pig” the duck. We played outside for a little bit when we got home until a very quick and very loud thunderstorm rolled through. It was vicious- it knocked stuff off a shelf inside. Daniel, Avery, and I sat on the porch and watched the storm while rocking away. We took Savannah to the park for a while. Savannah is such a daredevil. She is not afraid of anything at the park- even the tallest slide. We grabbed dinner and then headed home. I can’t believe how nice the weather was all day yesterday. I believe we saw the thermometer say 77! It was so nice spending the majority of the day outside!


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